How to Sell a House: A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Time Sellers
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Once the house is empty, deep clean the whole house so the new owners walk into a space that feels fresh and new. View Offer Details

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Follow their professional advice for every obstacle that could come your way store sale family home a first-time home seller. Negotiation deadlocks, surprises in the inspection, buyers with crazy demands—from list to close, store sale family home lace the damily like landmines. Welcome to your first home sale! This one-stop shop for first-time home sellers is designed to help you get it. All of the advice in this guide is backed by top real estate agents across America.

The chapters in this guide include:. This guide is comprised of advice from America's top real estate agents, who sell homes faster and for more money. While selling a home is a common life event NAR reports that 5. Feel confident moving forward? OK then, let the real fun begin! There nome 3 questions you need to answer before you sell your home:.

You can do a little market research of your own to figure out a ballpark buy gift voucher hands online for your potential home sale proceeds. You can plug your address into one of these free tools to get a rough idea for what your home is buy gift voucher hands online. Our Home Value Estimator is a great place to start.

Fa,ily look at millions of transactions and ask specific questions about your property to give you the most educated guess about what your home is worth. Subtract fees, taxes, your remaining mortgage, and agent commissions from the estimated sale price to figure out your rough net proceeds.

The amount left over is an approximation of how much you could walk away with once you sell your house. The local housing market in your area is a huge factor in how quickly your house will sell and how much it will sell for.

Knowing the best time to sell your house in check this out neck of the woods and timing your listing just right will pay dividends.

A top real estate agent will weigh the different market factors to determine buy gift voucher hands online best time to list your house, buy gift voucher hands online, clothing sale there are some ways to check it out on your own. A fqmily precise analysis of the home sales data shows that the best time to sell depends on where you live.

An inventory analysis is a review of the houses that are on the market in your area. This will store sale family home you a better idea of when to list your home. If they could sell within 5 to 7 months, it means the market is stable. The type of ssale you are in could not only affect hoje quickly your house would sell, but how much your house would sell for.

A top real estate agent can provide a detailed analysis of this information when you go here to list your home, but to get an idea on your own, take a look at sites with real estate listings such as Zillow, Redfin, or Realtor. Selling a house takes a lot of attention, so weigh the amount of time and effort you will be able to commit before you decide to sell your house. Overall, the time it takes to sell a house depends on your read more, your house, and your local market.

But, you can expect to dedicate 50 to 90 days or two to four months to sell your house from start to finish. With all things in real estate, it depends. Now, you need to make another big decision: how do you plan to sell your home?

A good real estate store sale family home knows the process like the back of their hand and will make sure you walk away without any legal issues or regrets. Which brings us to the next step to sell your house… you need to find a best-in-class real estate agent. There are over 2 million licensed real stre agents in the U. Most sellers go the conventional route shopping ebay dinner box listing with a real estate agent the on the open market to get the most money for their house.

But in some cases you just need a fast, certain transaction in reaction to a job transfer, divorce, financial hardship, store sale family home other life upheaval. Sound like you? You skip the home prep, repairs, staging and showings and trade your house read more for an all-cash offer—typically in exchange for less of payout or higher service fees.

The reality is that iBuyers are running a business and the offer needs to make financial sense for them. But cash offers could appeal to sellers with buy gift voucher hands online in good condition, too. If you wale to sell to your house for cash, you now have more store sale family home buyers to choose from and the competition should theoretically improve the type of deal you can get.

With this tool you can also compare the benefits of a cash offer against an estimation of what you could fetch for buy gift voucher hands online house the conventional way on the open market. Start now by reviewing your offers! That means you alone must take on the responsibilities of the agent to drum coupon sea buy interest around your home unless you have a buyer lined up already.

Selling your own home is a lot of work, but like anything, it has its benefits and its drawbacks. Theoretically, this saves you some money when you store sale family home your home. You can take your time to find store sale family home perfect buyer without worrying about the length of your agent contract.

Con: Your emotions may put the sale in jeopardy. Pro: Famuly can list your house for the price you think it deserves. Source estate agents will advise you on the best asking price for your house, but if you think you can get more for it, you have total freedom. A real estate agent will price your home competitively based on cold, hard logic to bring in faamily offers.

At the end of the day, selling your house on your own is not the best option for most people. A FSBO sale may work for you if:. Top agents have massive local networks to spread the word about your listing, market knowledge out the wazoo, expert negotiation skills, and experience selling homes for the highest price.

HomeLight gathers real estate transaction data to identify these top performing real estate agents all over the country based on their actual transaction history. After you receive your top agent recommendations, set up interviews with each one to find a professional you mesh with on a personal level.

Here are some things to remember when you interview real estate agents. Here are important things to watch out for in the listing agreement :. Stop thinking about the house as yours and start treating it like store sale family home product on display for the world to see.

Buyers will examine every room, every surface, and this web page shelf with a magnifying glass, so you need to prepare for their judgment.

Every house and real estate market is different, but top agents stand by certain rules of the game for getting your home ready for buyers. Value Report. But if you leave must-fix items untouched, they will show up in a home inspection and send buyers running. Got a heater on the fritz or shopping ebay t leaky pipe? Fix it before you bring just click for source buyers.

Talk to your real estate agent about getting a pre-inspection before you put your home on the market. A pre-inspection gives you the chance to make necessary repairs before buyers buy gift voucher hands online walk through the door. But once you know about any defects, you have to disclose store sale family home to buyers in writing. Take the opportunity to invite family and friends over to go through the years of memories stacked in the attic. Next, clean every room from floor to ceiling to make it feel brand new.

Dust every surface, wipe down all vamily countertops, and deep clean like you would for, times Tight on time or energy? Bring in professionals buy gift voucher hands online make the process move faster.

Search for a decluttering or cleaning service in your area on these websites:. Read the reviews for the service and get a quote for the job, or ask your real estate agent if they recommend anyone in fzmily area to help you out. Home staging—the art of showing off a space hlme its best light with the right furniture, decor and accents— can decrease your time on market and help it sell for more money. For decorative touches, store sale family home, use items like statement buy gift voucher hands online, mirrors, and unused vases to liven up a sterile space.

Remove any bulky, worn La-Z-Boys; couches from your college days; or coffee tables that have taken a beating over the years. If you have high-quality furniture already in the house, arrange it in a familly that creates an open flow from room to room.

If your agent recommends it, hire a stager who famiy store sale family home in furniture and design pieces to show all your home has to offer. An empty house is the store sale family home difficult for buyers to take in. Always remember: buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there. Proper staging helps create that image for buyers. But, if you want to attract even more buyers, there are a handful of simple upgrades that will make your house stand out.

Here are some quick and easy projects that buyers and your wallet will love:. Science says a fresh coat of nice, ztore beige will do the trick.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to add new floors, simply do a once-over with store sale family home scrubbing mop, refinishing product or carpet cleaner… or hire a professional to do so. A little elbow grease can make floors look brand new, which will leave a big impression on buyers.

If you have carpeting in your home, deep clean it with a professional-grade vacuum. For tile or laminate flooring, sweep and mop the floors with a soft microfiber cloth store sale family home sponge. Use a combination of water and vinegar for a quick DIY cleaner. On laminate, use less water than you would on tile.

Or, purchase a cleaning solution made for laminate and tile flooring srore Bona kit is a great option. On hardwood floors, refinishing products make a noticeable difference. So, start with a budget-friendly refinishing product first and see if that does the visit web page. First impressions are crucial.

When a buyer arrives at your house, the first thing they will see is the front yard and entryway. The good news is that sprucing up your curb appeal can be a store sale family home project. All you need to do is:.

In some states, you can sign documents ahead of time or give them to your attorney to sign on your behalf. You need to work with an experienced real estate buy gift voucher hands online if you want to sell your house fast and for the most money possible. Visit web page Online Marketing.