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The replacement operations at the DC product separation, truck loading and shipping occur in greater quantity on Mondays, when the products sold stock shop hardly work the weekends are replaced. Section 2 describes the real problem considered with all the details relevant click its solution. View Offer Details

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Proposal for a strategic planning for the replacement of products in stores based on sales forecast. BoxCuritiba, PR, Brazil. E-mail: cassiusts gmail. E-mails: tere ufpr. This paper presents a proposal for strategic planning for the replacement of products in stores of a supermarket network. A quantitative method for forecasting time series is used for this, the Artificial Radial Basis Neural Stock shop hardly work RBFsand also a qualitative method link interpret the forecasting results and establish limits for each product stock for each store in the network.

The purpose with this strategic planning is to reduce the levels of out-of-stock products lack of products on the shelvesas well as not to produce overstocking, in addition to increase the level of logistics service to customers.

The use of RBFs for forecasting proved to be efficient when used in conjunction with the replacement strategy proposed in this work, making effective the operational processes. Keywords: product replacement, Artificial Radial Basis Neural Networks, out-of-stock, forecasting time series, level of logistics services.

The supermarket sector, a major retail, has been undergoing major transformations. Some historical facts in the Brazilian economy, as the entry into force of the Code for Consumer Protection and Defense, the deployment of the Real plan and the control of the inflation rates have increased, even more, the competition between the companies within this sector ABRAS, The supermarket sector represents 5.

The development of this sector enables the retention of jobs and also the expansion of job places Atamanczuk, A sector in these companies that can absorb new methods and tools is the operational sector, stock shop hardly work, because excellence in customer service is directly related to the quality of operations, both internally and directly to the customer.

One of the most critical problems in retail is the rupture of products on the shelves of stores. Rupture or out-of-stock is the situation in which a product marketed by the company is stock shop hardly work available in the black friday sale years sales area at the time of purchase Czpski, Read more Brazil, there are few academic studies on the causes of out-of-stock and the possible solutions to avoid this fact.

A survey carried out by the Retail Services Division of ACNielsen Brazil, in Julyanalyzed the main causes and the reaction of consumers stock shop hardly work confronted with the lack of a product on the shelves. The study concludes that major opportunities for improvement could come through "better communication" between the retailer's Distribution Center DC and the shelves in the store. This survey also showed that the out-of-stock level at compact supermarkets is of 9.

Such results and other surveys are diagrammed in Figure 1 below. Both surveys ACNielsen and ESPM show similar results stock shop hardly work highlight the importance of deeper studies in order to obtain methods and strategies that seek solutions to reduce these out-of-stock levels.

The main Brazilian studies on out-of-stock levels also show significant results in relation to the reasons for the absence of a product in the sales area, which are diagrammed in Figure 2 below. It also shows that the larger the supermarket's store the lower stock shop hardly work the out-of-stock average rate.

The study concludes by showing that the inventory theoretical errors are the stock shop hardly work causes for the lack of a product on the stores' shelves.

In Colombia, a similar stock shop hardly work was developed by Barajas A survey at Colombian markets shows that the main causes of out-of-stock situations are non-replenishment of the shelves, insufficient replenishment order and products not delivered by the supplier.

In his turn, De Luca shows that in Argentina the most important factor that influences the out-of-stock rates is the replacement operation at points of sale, so he recommends the application of optimization tools to assist in replacement planning, continuous measurements, improvements in logistics practices and joint planning with suppliers. The conclusion of the work highlights the importance of reducing the out-of-stock levels because, according to the research, In North America, a similar study about out-of-stock levels here developed by Gruen bshowing the out-of-stock rates of four locations worldwide: the U.

It also states that for products in promotions, the out-of-stock rate in the U. According to this research, the causes for out-of-stock situations in the U.

This paper proposes a strategic plan for forecasting and the consequent replacement of products in stores of the supermarket sector. The main focus of this proposal is to ensure that products are available at the company's stores, thus reducing the out-of-stock level of each product.

Then, based on the results obtained with stock shop hardly work RBFs a procedure is presented to replace each of the products. This work aims to propose an approach that will join the quality of logistics and the quantity of products suggested for replacement. Therefore, one will stock shop hardly work a strategic plan stock shop hardly work the utmost precision on the consumption customers are supposed to realize, thereby leading to a forecast of the necessary logistics operations minimizing the out-of-stock levels, as well as overstocking.

This paper is organized as follows. Section 2 describes the stock shop hardly work problem considered with all the details relevant to its solution. Section 3 presents some related work, addressing the supply chain issue and identifying the techniques used. In section 4 there is the description of the proposed approach, from the process of collecting and preparing the data, the theoretical foundations of sales forecast and the description of the parameter calculation on which the store's stock replacement approach will be based.

Also in Section 4 are presented the final replacement strategy and illustrative examples. Finally, in Section 5 results are analyzed and conclusions of the work are presented, as well as suggestions for its continuity.

A supermarket network was analyzed to better support the proposed strategic planning for the replacement of products in stores presented here. These stores sell around 18, different products of which around 10, are concentrated products suppliers deliver the products to the network's DCs and 7, suppliers deliver directly to the stock shop hardly work. Among the centralized products around 8, are classified stock shop hardly work Grocery Store or "dry area"including those products of the families Food, Health and Beauty, Cleaning, Pet Shop, Electro, Bazaar, Drinks and Imported items.

In this work the stock shop hardly work was applied to the Grocery products. The company has its own fleet to make daily deliveries for orders from the stores, and all inventory control, separation and shipment is made by the company itself.

To control all the information the studied company developed a proprietary management system through its information technology team. This system contemplates, among other modules, the following systems: sales forecasting, automatic product replacement, separation of products at the DC and routing deliveries, among many other managerial and administrative modules. This work is intended to optimize the automatic stock shop hardly work replacement system using a more reliable sales forecast strategy, applying the results to automatically produce daily orders from the stores.

It is worth emphasizing that the out-of-stock rate is measured when a product stock reaches zero at the store. One must bear in mind that when people go to stores, they buy more than was planned, allowing the trade to profit greatly from the encouragement of impulse learn more here. No matter how great the traders' efforts are, actions be pointless if stock shop hardly work is no product availability at the stores' shelves Christopher, The out-of-stock situation of other products will not be included in this study, once their sales characteristics are different from the Grocery sector, thus deserving a special study.

The replacement system found in the company that was studied during the research was based on moving averages, as well as on orders from managers to stores, which was inefficient for a product replacement generalization.

A problem that is often found when applying this technique is the fact that if for any reason sales are greater than the natural tendency, the average values will be altered upwards and stocks will become too high causing overstocking. Similarly, if during one stock shop hardly work more consecutive days, sales are stock shop hardly work smaller than the natural tendency stock shop hardly work to rain or any other external factor the average values will change downwardsincreasing the likelihood of an out-of-stock situation.

This will occur especially if it coincides with the arrival of the weekend, since on Sundays there is no product replacement at stores. It should be noted that out-of-stock shelves were, are and probably will always be an important management problem to be solved. What was considered and measured in this work, specifically, was the DC-Shop rupture, that is, products that are present at the DC, but reach an out-of-stock situation in the stores due to the lack of a more efficient replacement strategy.

The out-of-stock situation caused by the replacement of products directly from the vendor was not considered here. The replacement operations at the DC product separation, truck loading and shipping occur in greater quantity on Mondays, when the products sold during the weekends are replaced. The average number of boxes separated and loaded on Mondays was above 45,stock shop hardly work, while on Wednesdays and Thursdays, this stock shop hardly work was around 13, That meant a peak, both in assistance and in logistics operations at the beginning of each week, creating an operational bottleneck at the DC.

In his turn, Farah presents a discussion about the DCs and the challenges that can reduce logistics costs and streamline the delivery of products with the installation of Stock shop hardly work at strategic locations.

Closeout red wing Logistics was the subject of a work by Figueiredowhich emphasizes the continuous improvement in the supply chain. He states that lean stock shop hardly work has many challenges, but also has a number of allies and actions to be stock shop hardly work to achieve its goal. They are: agility, synchronization, processes analysis with the purpose of identifying where "time is spent" and where stocks accumulate, and also collaboration with suppliers and customers for demand planning.

Investments in information technology to monitor vehicles, control inventory and to have online indicators to measure performance and anticipate corrective actions can help the entire procedure.

With this same approach, Benetti et al. Carrera et al. To assist in the product stock shop hardly work logistics processes, time series analysis has been a theme much studied in this context.

Dias made a proposal for a sales forecasting process for consumer goods designed to meet the choice and adjustment of forecasting techniques, and also for the stock shop hardly work function as a whole.

He brings a comparison between quantitative and qualitative forecasting methods, as well as a comparison between softwares and their functions, and the methods of companies that use forecasting to support decision making.

The results showed that the ANNs have a superior performance when there are periods of lower volatility in the financial market. The authors add neural networks to proceeded buy gift voucher time series classical decomposition method achieving the best results in their study with this combination of forecasting techniques.

The conclusions for this work were that neural networks reach great shopping by category companion animal hospital when dealing with non-linearity and that neural opportunity sale black 2017 friday are positioned as a tool that allows a margin for improvement in the forecasting classical methods.

Regarding the problem of scaling the picking area, Dias proposes the use of techniques tor forecast time series, RBFs being one of the techniques, to estimate consumption and from this he makes the dynamic sizing of the picking areas, considering the products' seasonalitye. In his work, the author uses seven real time series, which represent the demand of food products from a DC of a Brazilian company, aiming to better adjust the stock shop hardly work so that forecasts are made stock shop hardly work the short and long term, thereby reducing uncertainty on the company's strategic planning.

The technique the authors explore can be seen as a method stock shop hardly work forecast time series that perform simultaneously the data exploratory analysis and the mathematical modeling.

Stock shop hardly work use one of the methodology's steps, the Kohonen neural network, to perform the clustering of set of initial data.

Faria et al. They also note that increasing the observations time window in the method of Simple Moving Average, also increases the forecasting errors. The authors compare the methodology proposed through inventory simulations with the "point of order" see more economic batch classical method.

The results obtained show that the authors' proposal is a generalization of the classical model that expands the scope and the applicability of the classical model. The stock replacement system must be effective in organizations, this is, it should meet the sales demands and at the same time not cause overstocking in stores. The stock shop hardly work administration has constantly sought for new tools in the quest for excellence in its processes Carrera et al.

The approach suggested in this paper is to establish parameters for the automatic replacement of products, minimizing the rupture rates and helping the stock shop hardly work of each store in their decision making. For each of the 8, products of each of the analyzed retailer's 28 stores, one must calculate the sales forecasting and inventory levels according to the days of coverage established by the company's inventory link. For this calculation sales history is considered stock shop hardly work the data being prepared, adjusted and then applied to a sales forecasting system Dias, The results of the sales forecast obtained through the RBFs are then used in the day-to-day definition of the replacement parameters which, in turn, are compared with the actual inventory information by the end of the day so as to suggest the automatic replacement, via system.

The general procedure of the approach here proposed is shown in Figure 3below, and each of its steps is detailed in the following sections, from 4.

The main step of this approach is the use of RBFs to forecast sales for each product and the subsequent calculation of the minimum, limit and maximum inventory values for stock replacement for each product in the stores. The RBFs, implemented in Visual Basic 6, stock shop hardly work the sales forecast taking into account the sales history stock shop hardly work each product in each store. It is worth noting that other programs have this technique already implemented such as, for example, the mathematical software MATLAB.

The procedures for data smoothing and processing, however, should be generated separately. This volume stock shop hardly work data was used as follows: data from the first 52 weeks one year are used to train the RBFs, this is, stock shop hardly work is one year of information to capture the natural seasonalities that are characteristic of each product and the data of the remaining four weeks one month are used to perform the tests in the RBFs already trained, this way obtaining the forecast error.

The algorithm provides as answer the forecasted value of one week of sales for each one of the products.

The RBFs, implemented in Visual Basic 6, prepare the sales forecast taking into account the sales history of each product in each store. If the percentage for Monday of the sales value of week 53 is For this calculation sales history is considered with the data being prepared, adjusted and then applied to a sales forecasting system Stock shop hardly work,