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The Shop menu contains links to the various shop lists, allowing players to stock shop event items for treasure, sell items for rupies, or craft legendary weapons. This shop sells items and upgrades for Crystals shopping by category reading pa, the premium currency in Granblue Fantasy.

This shop allows trading in items found during Main Quests. It includes the Cosmic weapon series as well as coop room boost items. Trade in daily dungeon materials here. Generally, many lower-tier items can be traded for one higher-tier item, or vice versa, though some key links are missing. There is a daily limit on how many of each item can be atock. Certain items found from Coop Quests can be sold for rupies here.

This shop sells items for Renown Pendants and Prestige Pendants. Pendants are obtained from raid bosses with the matching symbol over it. Sttock Revenant Weapons for details. To upgrade the shop you need a number of 01 weapons that can be obtained from Unite and Stock shop event draw boxes or Rare Monsters.

You also need stocj Mithra Animas from Shopping by category reading pa Islandthe 8th island. See the Shopping by category reading pa Monster page for details on where any weapon you're still missing after Unite and Fight can be found. Depending on your Auto-sell settings, evebt can be unintentionally sold if you are specifically farming for these weapons. See Seraphic Weapons for details. See Xeno Weapons for details. See Bahamut Weapons for details. See Ultima Weapons for details.

Trade moons here for various items. This is where Siero's Special Pick Ticket s are redeemed. These are similar to Start Dash tickets and Surprise Tickets. This section also doubles as a list of most characters, weapons, and summons currently available from Draw. Clicking on the portraits stock shop event bring up details on stats and skills. Every day at JST, when the day resets, players are awarded 1 Journey Drop for every 50 AP spent during the previous 24 hours; any leftover AP carries over to the next day.

Journey Drops can be spent in this shop for various 1-hour buffs. As more Journey Drops are earned in a month, players earn a Stage rank for the next month. When stages are calculated on the first day of each month, players earn additional Crystal or draw ticket rewards at random; higher Stpck have a higher chance to get tickets, but tickets are not guaranteed.

As of 27 FebruaryStage no longer affects how many buffs or which level of buffs are available to players. Campaigns often double the effectiveness of journey drop buffs. If buffs are active when a campaign begins or ends, the buff strength will be updated immediately - the increased strength cannot be join buy iphone highlights matchless over beyond the shock of the campaign This shop trades items for Cerulean Stones.

This section of the shop has been removed along with the Defense Order itself. It may shopping by category reading pa at a later date. Siege Shields earned from Defense Order can be spent here. This shop can also be accessed from the Defense Order main page. This is where Arcarum summons can be obtained and upgraded. Purchasing outfits does not unlock the associated characters unless otherwise specified.

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Full Elixir. Soul Balm. Weapon Stash. Summon Stash. Zhu Cipher Regus. Zhu Cipher Click to see more. Zhu Cipher Malus.

Xuan Cipher Regus. Xuan Cipher Pontus. Xuan Cipher Malus. Bai Cipher Regus. Bai Cipher Pontus. Bai Cipher Malus. Qing Cipher Regus. Qing Cipher Pontus. Qing Cipher Malus. Half Elixir. Shopping by category reading pa Berry. Shopping by category reading pa Summon. Colossus Summon. Tiamat Summon. White Rabbit. Peridot Carbuncle. Rose Crystal Wand. Rose Crystal Sword. Rose Crystal Lance. Rose Crystal Knife. Rose Crystal Bow. Rose Crystal Harp.

Rose Crystal Claw. Rose Crystal Axe. Ecke Sachs. Fire of Prometheus. Keeper of Hallowed Ground. All-Might Spear. Le Fay. Bow of Iliad. Cosmic Sword. Eveny Dagger.

Stock shop event Lance. Cosmic Scythe. Cosmic Rod. Cosmic Rifle. Cosmic Gauntlet. Cosmic Bow. Cosmic Harp. Cosmic Blade. Huanglong Spear. Huanglong Gauntlet. Huanglong Katana. Qilin Sword. Qilin Bow. Qilin Lyre. Hollowsky Spear. Hollowsky Http://

Twin Elements Omega Anima. There is a daily limit on how many of each item can be exchanged. Steel Trap.