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  • Add an item - Select Add to watch list beneath the buying options on the listing; View your For example, you'll receive an alert if a listing you're watching is ending soon. when you win an auction, you're agreeing to complete the purchase. Watching just means that someone put your listing on their watch list. It has NO significance regarding the possibility of selling the item to the "watcher". People watch "buy it now" listings for different reasons. I have watched "buy it now" listings when I have been undecided about whether to purchase an item. What other reason could there be for wanting to know who was watching your item(s). Most items I am watching, I do not intend to purchase but rather I have a. Buyers who aren't ready to buy yet can use eBay's watch list tool to monitor listings If you're watching an auction item, you can quickly return and check on the you can likewise return and purchase without having to hunt the item down all. While it can be encouraging to see the number of people watching your Shoppers on eBay can bookmark listings they are interested in by. reveals Most Watched/Popular eBay [USA] items/auctions in real-time, exposing live Watch Counts - how many watchers - while offering unique marketplace search capabilities. Sports Mem, Cards, Fan Shop · Stamps. Get the best deal for Men's Watches from the largest online selection at​. ✅ Browse our Shop by Category. Showing slide 1. (Last December, we published this article by Eric Wind – now a part of the team at Christie's New York – on buying watches on eBay. eBay sellers can now make offers to watchers - and to shoppers who ask initiate Best Offers to up to 10 buyers who are watching their items.
I just about died when I saw a large shopping ebay watched watch in the mail and could see what appeared to be a bulging watch taped to cardboard inside, but I was so thankful nothing bad had happened to it en route. Send exclusive discounts to specific buyers. View Offer Details

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Why I Hate Online Shopping - eBay (Part 1), time: 5:22

Sometimes eBay really is the best place to go watch hunting. But you had better know what you're doing. His observations shopping ebay watched watch as relevant now as ever, and he gave us some of the best advice we'd seen on how to get your feet wet in vintage watches without taking a bath.

We publish it today, a year later, for your reading pleasure. Did I just overhype this? Probably, but here it goes anyways. There is no question that eBay can be the best venue for finding fresh-to-market vintage pieces at good prices. I have gotten most of my best pick-ups on eBay and basically always am on the hunt for what is out there.

Here is my advice for what to shopping ebay watched watch about when looking to buy on eBay. If I had to give one bit of advice to you, it is to buy watches that you like. Should I buy it? Even at that price, how many people would buy it if you wanted to sell it?

You would essentially be searching for another sucker. Part of buying what you know is first learning about a here. What do the original components of the watch including shopping ebay watched watch dial, hands, movement, case, crown, and case back look like?

You can research many places — take a look at past eBay auctions particularly sold items to get an idea of value. Typically, collectors with the very best watches have a focus. They may focus on vintage Rolex or Patek or Heuer or Omega or whatever, but they are usually checking the appropriate forum s daily, getting to know other experts, and reading all available material about the watches they like.

It is through this sort of deep dive that collectors begin to develop a perspective on what is special shopping ebay watched watch rare, and develop the contacts and appreciation for what they really want. Usually, what they want also happens to be the type of thing that generally increases in value at a much higher rate than more pedestrian pieces. I have seen people with scattered interests show me their collections and all too frequently I see a few bad watches in the mix: perhaps shopping ebay watched watch fake or franken a hodge-podge of mis-matched componentsor at least a badly redone dial.

If these collectors had spent a bit more time researching, they may have avoided these troubles. No question that the dial is typically the most valuable part of a watch, contributing up to So what should you look for when examining shopping ebay watched watch dial? Shopping ebay watched watch, one must consider the originality of the dial. The dial should also be glossy although it can take a bit more expertise to distinguish glossy from matte dials.

Notice the imperfect Omega logo and text, the poor quality of the printing overall, and the way the track does not uniformly touch the minute register.

You also need shopping ebay watched watch look at the quality of the printing. Do the numbers and track s on the dial look crude and lack uniformity? If it is a chronograph, do the numbers bleed out of the registers onto the dial? Does the logo of the company look uneven and crooked? If yes to of satisfaction sale goods questions, it may be refinished or replaced.

It does take a little time to train your eye to identify a refinished dial. Pay attention to the numbering around the markers or in the chronograph registers, the style of printing, and the writing on the dial, among other details. At the very least, it is helpful to find other examples of the watch you are buying online and compare the dials — does the printing look blotchier, more off-center, and crude on the one for sale?

With regard to lume, usually you can tell whether a vintage watch has click the following article refinished by the color of the lume.

A dead tell on a watch is shopping ebay watched watch just click for source lume is usually this mint green color, which is not how most radium or tritium aged from the s and earlier. The mint green color usually means it was redone. Likewise, for watches from say the beginning of the s and earlier with radium lume, the lume should typically not glow in the dark.

Vintage lume was not just pure radium or tritium, but a mixture with other materials that would also decay or degrade over shopping ebay watched watch. Depending on the mixture, you may have a watch that still glows a little bit or a watch that should not glow at all. Beyond the questions of whether a dial is authentic, you learn a lot about the life a watch buy iphone discount happened to my lived from the dial.

While I have no problem with patina particularly when it is uniform I do find it concerning when there are straight-up shopping ebay watched watch stains on a dial that would make you think that the dial had been partially placed under running water. I find that concerning for shopping ebay watched watch reasons: 1.

If there was direct water on the dial, that can often mean the movement was exposed to water and may now be rusty. Try to determine whether a dial is damaged or whether the crystal is simply amazon time. A yellow gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic with scratched original crystal sold two years ago at Antiquroum.

Most vintage wristwatches have acrylic or mineral crystals that can be scratched fairly easily. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult determining whether only shopping ebay watched watch crystal is scratched or whether the dial is damaged, and takes a little expertise to try to gauge that. If there are marks, and those marks basically stay in the same spot on the dial no matter the angle, then it could be a dial issue and not a crystal issue. If you can see that the marks move to different spots on the dial depending on the angle of the photo, then it's probably a crystal issue.

For the Geophysic above, the dial appeared to be in excellent shape, while the original crystal super rare to shopping ebay watched watchwith radium lume on the underside, was original. All that shopping ebay watched watch about patina, I would rather have a watch with some non-uniform wear on the original dial than a refinished or replaced dial any day of the week.

To me, it is all about originality, originality, originality. While original dials are extremely important to values, we are seeing unpolished original cases have increasing importance to collectors, as well. I believe that those all-original unpolished watches are going to continue to appreciate at a much higher rate click their polished counterparts over time.

It is hard to provide blanket advice on how to distinguish between polished and unpolished cases, but, in general, certain watches may have bevels on the edge of their lugs shopping ebay watched watch as vintage Rolex Submariners that get worn down when polished.

Rolex Submariners have been prized tool watches since they were new; I would estimate that basically only 1 or less out of every Submariners from the s through the s remains unpolished, so it really is important to realize that your chances of finding an unpolished example are slim.

Likewise, some cases have an original brushed finish that can be polished away click never be restored in exactly the same way. The vintage automatic Heuer Autavias fall into this category. They have a beautiful brushed finish that interacts with light in a very interesting way. There are individuals who can create a similar finish, shopping ebay watched watch it does not reflects light in the same way as the original cases do.

Heuer collectors had not placed a significant premium on those watches with original cases until recently too many people wanted NOS-looking watches and had their cases restoredbut the market is moving toward originality and I expect that original cases will continue to be more valued with time. When it comes to collectability and desirability, vintage watches that are stainless steel, solid gold 18k or 14kand platinum are generally the most desirable.

As a counterpart, watches that are gold-plated, gold-filled, or chrome-plated shopping ebay watched watch generally the least desirable. Silver watches are generally much older ca.

So how do you tell what type of metal is used for the case? You can also see 9k gold watches, which had cases made in the UK for tariff reasons and generally are less desirable. This is because the case back would be stainless steel otherwise the case back would wear very quickly due to sweat and contact with the wrist.

In addition, you may see that a back is steel, shopping ebay watched watch, but the watch is gold. That is in most cases a sign that the watch is plated, although you will see the very occasional watch with a solid gold case and steel shopping ebay watched watch back a few solid gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovoxes were this way apparently.

Why should you generally avoid plated watches? Quite simply, they shopping ebay watched watch easily. The gold or chrome plating can come off and become an unsightly color.

They were not meant to be watches to be worn forever given their cheaper construction. That all being said, some chrome-plated watches are valuable, such as World War II military watches from Longines such as the "Tuna Can" or Jaeger-LeCoultre, that made some chrome-plated watches uk black friday sale the U.

In general, there are shopping ebay watched watch a few different types of case backs on vintage watches: screw down case backs that are circular and twist off like a platic bottle cap, case backs secured by screws, and case backs that press into the watch. Those watches with case backs that press on may remain in great condition, but they also have a higher chance of having internal damage just by being less water-resistant.

If possible, it is shopping ebay watched watch click at this page to see photos of the movement. Some eBay sellers will include these photos, either by shopping ebay watched watch how to remove a case back themselves or by going to a jeweler and asking them to remove the case back so that they can snap photos of the movement.

Other sellers may not be able to remove the case back or may not want to, either out of fear of damaging the watch or because they are hiding something. Is it black, brown, and rusty? Is it shopping ebay watched watch basic pieces like a balance wheel or hairspring?

If yes to those questions, you may either want shopping ebay watched watch avoid it, or if it happens to be a watch you really want, you need to consider whether it would be easy to get the needed parts.

If you don't see photos of the movement, you should ask for them, but you also want to encourage the seller not to force the case back open. It is amazing how many case backs you will see with what appear shopping ebay watched watch be key marks across them.

I guess people think that taking shopping ebay watched watch house key to a watch will help remove the movement in some way, but it just devalues the watch. In that case, shopping ebay watched watch is better to tell someone just to leave the case shopping ebay watched watch on the watch.

This goes back to the dial issue as mentioned above. Does the dial appear to have been run under a faucet? If yes, then I would guess that the movement is in bad shape and rusty. If the watch appears to have the original crystal, the original crown pushed in and pushers if a chronographthe dial and case appear to be in good original, and shopping ebay watched watch case back preferably a case back that screws rather than pushes into place does not look like someone was viciously scratching at it with a key, then I can generally make a correct guess that the movement is in good shape.

Related to the movement and case, you should take note of the serial number s that may be on the watch. There are various tables of serial numbers online for different companies that can give you an idea of when a watch sale greenfield store made.

Sometimes, you can get info on the case year and movement shopping ebay watched watch. If there is a drastic difference between when the case and movement was made, it may indicate a problem, like a later movement being added, although sometimes shopping ebay watched watch movement can be decades older than the case, such as with some vintage Patek Philippe watches. With those, you really want to obtain an extract from the company telling you that the case matches the dial.

You can also search online for other watches with similar serial numbers in a given reference, which can help to determine authenticity and originality. Of course, the eBay completed and sold auctions search is also extremely helpful and offers the last few months of results on a given search topic.

Maybe you wanted to know if a particular individual was one shoppiing shopping ebay watched watch watchers. Continue reading News Home. Authorised seller. The watch list can also pay off for patient buyers willing to wait it out and see if the price lowers. Band Colour see all.