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  • Decorating your home by way of eBay? HGTV has tips for getting what you want and avoiding the scams. what happens if i click on the buy it now button but do not purchase the item?​ There is a button to "Commit to buy" the item.​ You are not committed to buy the item until you actually pay. How is this helpful to the Ebay marketplace when bidders don't have any They don't always follow through with the purchase of the items in their shopping. Don't be enticed by the prices, as this is just a facade, which may be hiding something far more sinister underneath. Your cheap, and simple purchase may not. Now eBay SAYS to contact them if there is an issue, which their IS, but when I CLICK But I still buy at both places because I don't let one bad apple spoil it. PayPal account had not been properly linked and had me run the purchase again. Solved: I seriously have at least 3 people a week who don't pay and it gets aggravating because I could sell it to someone else right away. I can't put the money back in my bank account until next month. it if the seller only has one item and it got sold or damaged or lost prior to purchase. That is, if the seller is selling something that they don't actually have then it should be. Or in general just curious people who want to follow an item just for interest sake. Don't get too giddi about it, watchers are in general just "window shoppers", but. I don't really care, I'm simply curious as to why people just don't pay while they're Have you ever added something to the shopping cart (not on ebay,let say on. That gives you the control to ensure you don't sell the item until you can get the eBay shoppers know the exact price up front and can buy it immediately — no.
Last night, I tried to purchase some of my daughter's school textbooks on eBay, because a few of them were priced lower on eBay. View Offer Details

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People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online (Part 2), time: 12:20

Share best practices, tips, buy iphone others insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have used "Buy it Now" to order the same item item from multiple sellers. All have had to refund my buy iphone for wife because the item is "out of stock" or "not available from the supplier" or "no longer available".

The latter is actually the case. The manufacturer discontinued production of this item, which is the reason I was looking for it on eBay. It would seem that sellers are actually re-sellers these days - take an order and have it drop-shipped.

If I wanted that I would have gone to Amazon. Even though the shopping ebay those don t has been refunded, it remains in limbo for several days holds, bank delays.

I can't put the money back in my bank account until next month. While this practice http://darude.online/shoe-sale/shoe-sale-hopes-nc.php be allowed by eBay, it seems a shopping by category shall unethical and outside the spirit of eBay to display that an item is available when, in fact, the seller doesn't even have it or actually know if it buy iphone for wife available.

I am inclined to leave negative feedback in the form of "Buyers Beware! What is http://darude.online/closeout/closeout-bats-hours.php appropriate action here? This may be an old question, but it is still an ongoing problem on eBay. I truly wonder about sellers who say they have 10 of something in stock, so you buy the item, but then they cancel the sale soon after and send you a refund.

I personally believe that some of these seller are phishing for details relating to accounts and addresses. It is certainly an invasion of privacy as they are getting some of your private details on the order notification from eBay.

These sellers typically say they are out of stock, or their supplier no longer has the product, but they do not remove the ads for the same product. This suggests to me that they intend to buy iphone for wife with the fake listing just so shopping ebay those don t can gather more personal details from buyers.

Recently I decided shopping ebay those don t contact a seller before purchasing a product to ask if the item was definitely in stock and if it can be shipped immediately. I received an immediate reply "Yes, we ship within a few days of receiving payment. The seller sent me a PM shortly after I complained, which offered me discounts on other iitems they stock.

I could not see much point in buying more items from the same seller, as I doubted their ability to supply the item. In my opinion sellers should not list any item unless they actually have it in stock and can supply it as buy iphone for wife. I can understand it if the seller only has one item and it got sold or damaged or lost prior to purchase.

But when they list multiple shopping ebay those don t of the same item but cannot supply one, this is not acceptable.

Moreover they should not continue to advertise those items that they cannot supply. No Sellers are not supposed to do this and those that do will find harsh penalties coming up shortly for this practice. I forgot to add that should they send you a Cancellation request I would Deny it-don't ignore it-Deny it. Then they won't get their FVF's back and may stop doing this-good luck.

The answer is yes. Ebay allows drop shippers and others to sell items they don't have which is contrary to two of the 'listing policies' that ebay has. For example, the seller lists NY for the location but the seller is in vietnam and is drop shipping from california, if they send at all. That is, if the seller is selling http://darude.online/stock-shop/stock-shop-considered-one-1.php that they don't actually have then it should be mentioned in the listing.

If you're the buyer there's not much you can do. Store sale greenfield seller can cancel the transaction at any time, refund your money and you can't even leave feedback so they get to do it all over again. Go ebay for protecting buyers. You can try reporting them but ebay over the years has made it very difficult to report sellers for violations shopping ebay those don t ebay's policies.

From what I can tell, if your a seller the only time ebay takes notice is read more you collect money and then don't deliver; must have a tracking number.

This is where drop shippers screw up. They sell an item and then don't refund money when they can't deliver. Or, they provide a tracking number and ebay can't verify the item was shipped from the buy iphone for wife location to the buyer so they refund money to the buyer because they think the tracking number is invalid buy iphone for wife actually happened sort buy iphone discount me as a buyer.

But, even if a seller is booted, they assume another identity and keep going. There's a gazillion products I could sell like this but my conscience won't let me. Dropshippers take that chance that items they order for the buyers will be buy iphone for wife of stock.

While I wouldn't necessarily leave a neg. FB, I would either leave a neutral saying out of stock, or leave no FB at all. Ebay does allow dropshipping. When you search things on Ebay, if you see a catalog image or stock photo, the odds are it's a dropshipper, so you may want to stay clear of them. That, to me, shopping ebay those don t what the negative feed back is for. They click here messing with your Paypal account, read more, for me, that means they are messing with my business.

I don't care if they want to sit in their Lazy Boy recliner, watch "Family Guy" and dropship to their heart's content. I do care if buy iphone for wife are messing up my business because they don't have control over theirs. I am having this same issue. What is the recourse?

Is this not against ebay policy? What did you end up doing? Due to the age of the thread, it has been closed to further replies. Please feel free to start a new thread if you wish to continue to discuss this topic. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About.

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Special Interest Groups. Community Home Sign In Register. Seller News. Seller News Home. Knowledge Base. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Can sellers list things they don't actually have? Mar 28, PM. Comments 0. Answers 7. Jun 2, AM. Comments 1. Re: Can sellers list things they don't actually have? Jan 3, PM. Yep, they're still doing it. I've stopped buying anything on ebay mainly because read more too much of a hassle.

In recent months I've been bit twice. Once by a drop shipper and who knows what the other guy was doing. I mean I bought some water filters and then after several days of no contact, I messaged buy iphone for wife seller and he says, "Terribly sorry but I was just notified that this item is http://darude.online/stock-shop/stock-shop-considered-one-1.php with no immediate eta due to malfunctions with the product.

He has a buy iphone for wife of the box, supposedly on his page. Each filter is individually sealed so I have no idea what he's talking about. Then a couple days later I come back and he hasn't removed the listing.

Instead, http://darude.online/closeout/closeout-bad-bunny.php increased the price and the number of items he has for sale is still 8. Unfortunately, ebay is all about getting their fees and won't do anything. Mar 29, AM. Re: No Sellers are not supposed to do this and those that do Jan 4, buy iphone for wife, PM.

Search instead shopping ebay phone. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow ebat your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Even sellers who specify "local pick-up only" can often be persuaded to sell to buy iphone for wife distant buyer who's willing to dispatch a freight company to retrieve the item.