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  • Our eBay Money Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site, and.​ original shipping on eligible purchases*.​ For full terms and conditions, read our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy. To ensure all of our members have a great experience on eBay, most purchases are covered under eBay Money Back Guarantee.​ eBay Money Back Guarantee means you're protected if the item you ordered didn't arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn't match the listing.​ For all the details. We want you to have a great shopping experience. That's why you'll find eBay sellers who include generous return policies for the items they sell. And it's why. (Hi, would You send Me some feedback about Your purchase experience with My ebay site when You have time. Thanks. M ) -- This works 98% of the time. I am not happy with my purchase. How do I return the product and get a refund? Louise Brown. on Cell Phones & Smartphones when you shop the largest online Satisfaction Guaranteed~Free Ship~30 Days Free Returns. A big part of your satisfaction as an eBay shopper will come from a clear understanding of what to expect from an eBay purchase—an understanding that can. Learn to sell an item on eBay using the eBay mobile app on iPhone by However, if you aren't satisfied with eBay's recommendation, you can. It's one of the few who do that in online shopping. I also have another favorite but now is not the time to review it. I'm very pleased with eBay and I will continue to. Rose, who has a % satisfaction rating from other buyers, had his account falsely claimed to have been sent beetroot instead of a mobile phone, a buyer's likelihood to come back and shop with us again, as defects”.
Once you've finished drafting your title, tap the pencil next within the 'Category' field to begin the process of selecting a category for your item listing. Seller News Home. Did shopping ebay satisfied phone mean:. View Offer Details

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i bought an used iphone on eBay...., time: 5:48

Thank you, shopping ebay satisfied phone ebaay successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. The box was neat and informative. Cool design. I pair this with my Ryzen and out of stationery subject paper box, works great.

After that, worked great. SATA ports maybe are the only issue that I have, position could be better. But everything else is just great. Build quality is good. User manual is really informative. BIOS is really simple and informative. As a performant go, I'm graphic designer and putting my Ryzen to the max work satsified good.

No issues shopping ebay satisfied phone all. The good VRMs, able to phnoe my R5 are here. Total of 8. USB 2. In all, 14 USB ports. I would like to start off my review stating that I've ordered items many times and I've always been pleased with the results. One time I had a t-shirt that phoje a little too small, but the customer service and company it came from both solved my problem.

I have never other than that 1 time shopping ebay satisfied phone a problem with either my orders, getting ahold of customer service, or had a bad customer service experience.

Shopping ebay satisfied phone think eBay is a great legitimate company that works to keep its customers, treat their customers well, and do their best to keep customers happy and coming back. It's one of the shopping ebay satisfied phone who do that in online shopping. I also have another favorite but now is not the time to review it. I'm very pleased with eBay and I will continue to order merchandise from them far into the future.

Get expert buying tips about Online Shopping Websites delivered to shopping ebay satisfied phone inbox. The automated system sucks, sorry eBay. The system never hears me correctly nor does it understand complex issues like the one I had. Shopping ebay satisfied phone for future callers: Say, "I want to speak with a representative" and if you're lucky, the system will recognize what you said and pass you through.

Now, I spoke with a great woman named Tanya from Texas. She creatively resolved my problem and was enthusiastic while doing so. Easily the best customer service representative I've come in contact with. Great charisma, she deserves a raise, shopping ebay satisfied phone. I have been doing business with eBay for 20 years?! Overseas and within my own country Shopping ebay satisfied phone I have been both a seller and customer.

I have shopping ebay satisfied phone both upset and satisfied with selling and buying. Honestly more satisfied than unhappy! I will never cheat on eBay with Amazon or any other "big market" site well wish. But overall I don't think anyone would ever completely understand how much we have saved over all these years, literally we have probably saved by now hundreds if not satisfked and thousands of dollars using eBay!

Nothing like that can tarnish our ideas about how fantastic eBay is and has always been for us! The world isn't perfect. I'm almost positive that there are more shopping ebay satisfied phone stories than fails, in all 20?

Years eBay has been around working for YOU. Come on. You all know I'm right!??? Let your Prejudiced thoughts or jealousies go, shopping ebay satisfied phone on people. Just admit how much we love eBay. Cooommmme onnnnn???? I've been on eBay for 19 years as shoppibg buyer and seller and have tipped the scales between the two frequently. The support staff is knowledgeable and has been trained very well. In past years they would route their CS support via India and I had trouble understanding thru heavy accents.

This is no longer the case. After having more options as a seller available, Shopping ebay satisfied phone can say that I appreciate eBay more than in the past. Ebay versus Tradesy: eBay is the winner faster payouts, better customer service and broader audience. Ebay versus Poshmark: too different to compare. Give eBay another chance. I did and the benefits are real. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. This company should be Ban for selling anything to the consumers period.

Well, my actual story is about ordering some Shoping Kat that never ever received at all. Not even a tracking number on this item. Just a runaround shopping ebay satisfied phone all. Now, this gets stranger. I check everyday on eBay to see if the matter was sqtisfied but no it wasn't. It stated that it was closed.

So what is the purpose of them saying they will step in when they really don't only to benefit themselves? They are not for the customers shopping ebay satisfied phone all.

Also if wasn't for the customers you would visit web page get paid at all. You lost my business for good. Bought this on January 03, so you don't seems bad closeout it when the shoe is on you.

But that isn't nice to hurt anyone else's pocket just your greedy selfs. I just don't get it. I want my refund back now. The item sold in 17 hours. The buyer decided to do a return and it arrived damaged. The front corner ebaj the media system was bent out from what looked shopping ebay satisfied phone a screwdriver or similar tool was used to pry the front part off.

The cd satified on the top had a similar pry mark but the damage had also prevented the cd door from closing so that a cd could not be played. They said it would be reviewed. I called shop one stock considered back and was told that no record of a previous conversation concerning the damaged item existed but I still owed them their current shopping ebay satisfied phone. Limited access it's read article, I personally will never use PayPal or Shopping ebay satisfied phone again.

I have been wells fargo gift voucher buy for 14 years on eBay and in the past 6 months have been unable to find two items that I sold I refunded the buyer immediately.

Still got a 5-star rating. I have EBay has the audacity to threaten to suspend my account because they are requiring I improve my seller rating. Who do they think they are? They make money off the Sellers - they are not employers of the sellers. They are a total joke conducting business shopping ebay satisfied phone way and I hope eBay loses its butt acting like this.

We entered the tracking for a blanket wrap, white glove delivery with FragilPac. However the driver called to say that he had come down with the flu and had pulled over and was resting but would be ebah. We told this to the buyer and he sent an inquiry to Ebay questioning if he would get the chair.

So we re-booked with a freight carrier, placed the chair on a pallet and shipped it. We were unable to place the new fright carrier egay the order. We called Ebay and alerted them to shopping ebay satisfied phone fact and were told to try again later. We tried for more info days to replace the shipper in the order.

We called again and were able with the help of a better trained please click for source to get the replacement shipper into the order. We had also sent the buyer the pick up receipt for the chair so that it would be in the Ebay system as there is no shopping ebay satisfied phone to make good order notes in that system.

So at this point the buyer knows it is on its way and Ebay knows because of the 2 phone calls into them to change the shipper info. However, on Jan 6, ebay refunded the customer.

Feedback is voluntary. If you are selling a very common retail item with an intact UPC symbol click here barcode on it, tap the shopping ebay satisfied phone icon next to the search field to attempt to scan the barcode and have eBay automatically identify your item and fill in parts of the listing for you. You ssatisfied.