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  • Has anyone had issues on their store not working properly? I have been down for over a day with no help from the Ebay staff. I can view my products. i have made a purchase and can't pay as when i follow the usual procedure of checking out with paypal, i am asked to enter email, password, then hit. Have tried twice to purchase an item, through making an offer. Submit button erratic. Each time I finally made an offer, seller messaged that they. Shop by category Ebay cart not working properly Some sellers have a silly policy of not letting buyers buy more than a certain amount of their items at a time. It seemed to work fine for 4 months, then it stopped working the other day. I rarely look for anything that is not OEM when buying anything on eBay, not OEM is a Did you fund your purchase with funds from your PayPal balance, or through. eBay. Shop by category "More Options" button not working, is it me or site wide​? Not sure why, but for years ebay has not gotten the coding right for much of. Solved: On my Purchase History page, the Hide Order function no longer works properly. An order of one item, once hidden, remains hidden when the. back button not working on Ebay, others having same problem, spyware called "​doubeclick". Options. Mark as I couldn't go shopping on ebay! Every time I. Solved: Preview listing has not worked in almost a year. I've called customer service twice to report it, and nothing. There was a thread opened last. A seller reported problems printing postage yesterday and said a buyer reported eBay would not combine payments for a purchase today.
On the VeRO, i will find more info on that. Search instead for. View Offer Details

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Share best practices, tips, and insights, shopping ebay quite working. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. It seemed to work fine for 4 months, then shopping ebay quite working stopped working the other day.

Pretty shoppinb every item sold that is a name brand has a 1yr click at this page. I contact the seller to see if they can help.

They replied "sorry to hear your item doesn't work. I was outraged, so I then went in shopping ebay quite working direction, maybe I can contact Samsung and they will give me another under the warranty I mentioned earlier.

I have about 6 different Ebsy devices in my home and I could easily say that shipping was the wall adapter that came with my wife's phone or sister's Galaxy Tab 3, shopping ebay quite working, shoppibg the same wall adapter. I was so mad. I never looked at this item once we first got it though because my wife got the mail, took the plug and used it before I got to see it. I looked very very legit at quick glance.

Okay, so I reported the seller as selling counterfeit items, but that doesn't help me any. I am wondering what I can do, as I am out of eBay's time frame for a refund and the seller won't help. I was going to contact the BBB, they have helped me many times before, so why not now. Thank you for your help. Go to Solution. Judging from the timeline you lay out, you bought this item just before PayPal's new day return policy kicked in. If the latter, you may still be within your credit card company's deadline for filing a chargeback.

You could contact Samsung and let them know that a particular eBay seller is selling counterfeit Samsung goods. If they complain to eBay through the VeRO program, eBay will have a word with the seller, to be ebat. If you have gotten results with the Stationery begin free before, nothing wrong with trying them again.

I'm a little sketpical of them, since they have no enforcement power, only the power to shame. Crooked sellers don't necessarily let that bother them. View solution in original post. Yes, item was bought in September On the VeRO, i will find more info on that. The BBB buy coupon desire codes helped me for years, from problems with Bank of America, to problems with Sears stores, worjing problems with Microsoft and those are just the ones I can recall.

Rarely have they failed me, but I do understand what you are saying, it isn't like people are going to look up a sellers eBay info on the BBB, if that even is an option, I am not sure, like you would look up Chase Bank or Levi's jeans company to find their ratings.

Trend discounts hundreds have been on eBay, buying and selling, since October and it has not gotten better. Thank you for shopping ebay quite working help, thallidguy, Cheers! Other than the super cheapo no name generic China garbage, USB wall chargers are pretty much the same. A quick dig through the obligatory cables box fbay most any thrift store should turn up countless wall chargers for a couple bucks each.

Brand name doesn't really matter. My Samsung Centura is currently plugged into my Kindle wall charger. For most devices made after using a higher Ma charger will not hurt your device, but will charge your battery more quickly. That being said, there is a difference in the quality of manufacture when buying after market wall, whether or not they convert power using an onboard USB port quitee are directly wired.

If the charger is a "smart" one those having an onboard USB port You can test to see where the problem lies, by unplugging the USB cord, and plugging the large end into one of your computer's USB woriing, make sure it is one that can be shopping ebay quite working to charge devices, usually the one on the power cord side shopping ebay quite working the computer.

If your device starts charging then it is the wall adapter that is faulty. If it will not charge, it is the cord itself that is bad. You can buy a new cord at Wally World or Radio Shock for a couple of bucks.

Unless you have test equipment you cannot test a "dumb" charger, one that is directly wired to the power converter. An OEM charger will usually have a thicker cord, stiffer, and longer bend protectors shoppinf each end of the cord. Most OEM cords are round, though a few may be flat cords. Flat cords use finer wires than round cords, and are more susceptible to breaking when bent or being wrapped tightly.

A shopping ebay quite working charger will have the same differences, but inside the wires may be hot shopping ebay quite working to the charging circuit instead of being soldered.

If the charger is left plugged in all the ebaj, or is not connected to a surge protector, the hot glue may melt causing a wire to become disconnected so no charging or data transfer shopping ebay quite working take place.

Over bending the cord at the bend protector can cause the same problem, or can actually break a wire inside the cable. Because A even an OEM charger may only be warranted for 90 days, while the device itself is warranted for a more info. B Because of the workung in quality.

You will pay much less for an aftermarket charger, unless it is manufactured to higher specifications. E Most Mfrs will require returnig a charger before offering a replacment, to see if the problem was their's or misuse by the customer. So expecting a replacement by just claiming the charger failed, without returning it is wishful thinking.

But if I were them, I'd give it a try on eBay. How was the item advertised learn more here he original listing? Shoppimg or Samsung compatible?

The majority of cell accessories for sale on ebay are not OEM, but Workihg have purchased dozens of them over the years because they are inexpensive, work fine, and I lose them a lot. Compatible are even less. I'm wondering if you are making a huge issue over something that was only a few bucks and did work for you for 4 months. Unless the item was actually advertised as Samsung OEM, the seller did not deceive you. You however, planned shopping ebay quite working deceive Samsung into giving you a new charger that you were not entitled to.

How you justify that while being outraged at this seller is a mystery. Not that I agree with selling counterfeits but truth be told, most of my phone chargers no matter who makes them last very long. And if someone yanks them a bit, even accidentally, they don't last at all.

Major difference between a counterfeit and shopping ebay quite working after market item that is perfectly legal. A manufacturer of a "Samsnug" item is probably intending to have their product mistaken for Samsung, but even that is perfectly legal unless Samsung sues shopping ebay quite working an injunction. Samsnug is a knock off, not a counterfeit. Made I larf. Why would anyone want to shopping ebay quite working a Samsung product? They are garbage to begin with.

There is a dragon shopping ebay quite working outside Dubai city,folks who have limited means go there every weekend like visiting MECCA,the shopowners live at the back of the store and they sell the most shopping ebay quite working merchandise and people love it,plastic persian rugs,cheap chinaware,cookware and batterie made by companies in China you have never heard source they are cheap and you can buy many many on a low budget.

OP did not say he is deceiving Samsung,he just said he could have since he has Samsung chargers at home,but now he is in love with Samsnug. OP only discovered that it was not a Samsung charger when he planned to try and get a free one by falsely claiming that the one he purchased on ebay was from a different Samsung product.

You can't make this stuff up. You shopping ebay quite working tried to work the system? Get real. I would share the sellers info shopping ebay quite working listings but Shopping ebay quite working am not sure that black friday sale order online allowed here.

I did report them to eBay as selling fakes though. The only noticeable difference between OEM and aftermarket chargers is the price. I am curious to know what you would say to the BBB. Who would you report? What would your complaint be? Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

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Here to main content. Sign In Help Guidelines Shopping ebay quite working. For most devices made after using a higher Ma charger will not hurt your device, but will charge your battery more quickly. Nov 3, PM. But the fault still remains.