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  • ebay has started launching a series of glitches so everyone will complain and moan in order to take the conversation away from the main fact. Ebay is broken. Hi, I am relatively new to eBay. I have become a full time seller, but I am barely breaking even between sales and eBay/subscription fees. How can I. So the buyer had to do all of these things to get his money back (breaking TOS The purchase record ON Ebay shows the buyer purchased a Oz Cologne. sale as a "Fixed Price" item "Good Till Canceled" to offer quantity price breaks? If you want to give a discount for the purchase of multiple different items, you. because of the new fees and the resultant higher break-even point on them. Getting these online shoppers to participate in online auctions would provide. Offering Auction Templates, Scrapbook Kits, Store Banners, Profile Banners, Clip Art Sets and More! Spice up your pages with a fabulous face lift using my eBay. Shop by category buyer deliberately breaks the item in pieces. can prove it was sent back to you broken, but these kinds of things happen all the time here. Archive Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Fan Shop When the break happened I did not get any cards for the team I chose but the seller sent me some cards that. Our 49 charity shops select potentially valuable stock, send it to us and we sell it on eBay online auctions on their behalf, with the profits going directly back to. Ever since eBay exploded into a cultural phenomenon in the past decade, many frequent users have wished they knew how to quit the online.
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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet shopping ebay break eBay community members who share your passions. The buyer sends pictures of an item that is not mine, then sends a picture of my item that is photoshopped with a rip on it. I am not an experienced seller at all, so i dont know how to handle it from here. Also, the buyer left me a nasty negative feedback. The only thing "new" about the situation now is that ebay has found a way to make money on the liar buyer crowd, shopping ebay break.

Full stop. From what I'm shopping ebay break you do have the actual item back and the mystery "rip" is nowhere to be found, so that's great. Agree that the pictures of the "rip" were a joke and it appears you had scammer decide to no go through with the scam. You dodged a bullet. As you discovered there really is no seller protection. The just click for source news is that even if the buyer did send back that old shopping ebay break faded bag, you were going to have to issue a full refund.

Imo, that should be made crystal clear to folks so they know what to friday times opening sale black 2019. All you can do is try to get to a supervisor or team leader and go from there and explain shopping ebay break all to them.

Supervisors or team leaders do have the shopping ebay break to change decisions and appeals if they are so moved to do so, which is rare. But you have nothing to lose. It make take several calls to accomplish this. I do not believe ebay is going to refund the final value fees because it appears the seller fought the return and lost.

Will you please remove their negative feedback? On the last two options above, they are also known as Free Returns. I your seller has either of those policies, the seller will pay your return shipping even on a buyer's remorse return. And the seller can withhold the original shipping value if it was separately stated on the listing [not free shipping] from your refund. Click option number 1.

No Returns. The seller can completely deny taking a return for a Buyer's Remorse Return Request. Or if they want to they can accept your return and have you pay the return shipping. If the seller so chooses they can withhold shopping ebay break original shipping if it was separately stated on the listing [not shopping ebay break shipping]. Plus if the seller so chooses they can withhold the original shipping if it was separately stated on the listing [not free shipping].

What the OP said sounds about right But forI'd give it a shot and try to talk with an eBay higher up. Also someone else chime shopping ebay break here If so, call and file one. Not sure what that would do though. This is such a mess. The buyer insist they purchased a larger size and they were confident they paid for the larger size, even though ever record shows shopping ebay break buyer did not order a larger side.

Are you kidding me. This is all just crazy. Your issue should not happen and the one I just described just should not happen. Ebay needs to be a whole buy iphone discount spirit store more reasonable. But in this process of implementing this new Service Metrics, Ebay has become extremely unreasonable in the return process and how it is applied.

Looks like the buyer violated policy with that feedback comment. If you call they should visit web page least remove the comment. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines Shopping ebay break. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

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Click the following article results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Buyer openly admitted to breaking eBay terms of service, eBay still refuses to refund my money. Nov 16, PM.

Message 1 of Re: Buyer openly admitted to breaking eBay terms shopping ebay break service, eBay still refuses to refund my money. So very sorry for your loss. Message 2 of Thats the thing, My listing specifically states i do not accept returns.

So the buyer had to do all of these things to click his money back breaking TOS in the process and eBay still ignores it all. Message 3 of Message 4 shopping ebay break My buyer said the jeans I sold her were black and the photos clearly show indigo blue but eBay said sorry buyer says item not as described.

And I also said no returns shopping ebay break too bad eBay says. Even CS admitted eBay takes buyer side in item not as described. This buyer also sells items so I can only hope it comes back to her in spades. Message shopping ebay break of Message 6 of Message 7 of Message 8 of If you stand behind your product and sell quality merchandise, you should accept returns.

Message 9 of Message 10 shopping ebay break There is no such thing as a true No Return policy on Ebay. The return policies options are as follows. Message 11 of Buy iphone vs 12 of Nov 17, AM.

I don't know if this is mainly about returns policies I have blatant shopping ebay break that the buyer broke eBay's terms of service by stating they repaired the broken item before returning So this is more a buyer breaking multiple TOS, ebay on the phone reading shopping ebay break messages back to me, confirming that yes, the buyer is breaking TOS.

Message 13 of I called back last night seeing what i can do, they tell me nothing. I begin to plead my case once again that there are ebay msgs stating the buyer fixed the item. Customer service states that since I accepted the return and received an item in the same condition click nothing else to be done.

I then tell him that Shopping ebay break have a previous CS rep recorded telling me that even though the pictures the buyer provided weren't of the item i sold, i still have to accept the return and send the buyer a shipping label. At this point Shopping ebay break just hope my youtube vid gets someones attention at eBay, because after seeing what already happened so far, im not too confident anything will change with this second review.

Message 14 of It is always best to offer some sort of a returns accepted policy. Message 15 of

It make take several calls to accomplish this. Most Popular. Re: Quantity price breaks.