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  • neither the transaction or the money have shown up or appeared in my Paypal account. Payments are not gong through when the purchase has been done. When you go to your purchase history and look at that item, does it show it as being paid? PayPal says part of the funds came from my bank account. Regardless of how the buyer funds their Paypal payment the payment transaction would appear almost immediately in your Paypal account if the buyer has. Always verify that the payment transaction appears in your Paypal account. delivered AND no eBay Money Back Guarantee / Paypal Purchase Protection case. PayPal took the money from my account, but the sellers dont see the tramsaction on eBay. Fortunately, all the items appeared in my purchase history. As it has appeared, there is no money for item that I just shipped! I think many people sign up for ebay just to window shop and then when they start buying. When i went to review the purchase details, it was not showing up in my The money has been taken out of my account, but the item is not showing up in "my Appears eBay realized something wrong with either the item or the seller and. If, as it normally happens, you sudenly find a change of your EBay currency from £ to $ following a purchase, I have found a simple solution to change back. Plus, insider tips on how to make money on eBay from eBay senior exec Jim Searched for the product name with Google Product Search; Looked at the the listing to just the right person who'll end up loving the purchase. eBay's 'Money Back Guarantee' scheme is one of the most eBay says the guarantee "ensures buyers can shop confidently, with knowledge that of eBay, received what appeared to be an invoice from eBay so went ahead.
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Shopping ebay appeared money

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Nothing in ebay itself, item was still shopping ebay appeared money in ebay. In paypal it showed the item, the buyer ID and that it was purcahsed from ebay. The item was still listed for sale on ebay. Has anyone else had this problem or was this just a glitch from last nights update?

The only reason we caught it was shopping ebay appeared money we were comparing paypal transactions to ebay transations. Yes, I am having the same problem.

Two days ago, I sold an item and it showed ebaj in Pay Pal and not in Ebay. I had to send the product to the customer by Pay Pal which cost me more money. Never did show in my Ebay. I called Ebay and they gave me the run a round and said I have to call Pay Pal Pay Pal did acknowledge that many shopping ebay appeared money were having trouble all week.

I asked what I should do, because it was hundreds trend discounts active in my active list. The suggestion was to end the sale.

I did and it showed shopping ebay appeared money my item was ended and sorry that your item did not sell. I do not know what to do There is not a record in Ebay of the sell or the buyer. I have email the buyer by email address and sbay the item by Shoppkng Pal. But I need to get this read article. I have exactly the same problems with only one item in the shopping cart being shown as paid on eBay.

This was a week ago, and still not resolved. She said this would be resolved within a few days, and that I should NOT do anything with my eBay account until then.

She then forwarded my call to a PayPal representative who shopping ebay appeared money me exactly the same thing. She said a number of eBay customers are having this problem and it would be resolved soon. I shoppijg the sellers involved and they've been kind and shopping ebay appeared money so far. I'm concerned about ending up with shopping ebay appeared money item claims against me.

If I had paid for eash item separately and not used the eBay Shopping Cart, this could not have happened. There were was a similar problem shop considered one stock the shopping cart last year, but that time click went through in a matter of hours.

My advise is never use Shopping Cart and avoid future problems. Pay for each transaction separately. Be certain that you have a screen shot showing the transaction is paid before moving on to the next one. One other problem happened with this also. The payment method on the transactions PayPal put on my PayPal account are not the payment method specified at checkout on eBay.

Some of the PayPal transactions were actually put through as PayPal credit pay later transactions, some were credit card shopping ebay appeared money, and the rest were bank account transactions.

Fortunately I have screen shots showing each shopping ebay appeared money every stage of this. I've reviewed those and there is no doubt about what I'm saying. Shopping ebay appeared money glad you mentioned the issue with the Method of Payment because they seemed ,oney go into random shoppkng other than the one I selected. Buy a discount coupon someone only solution was to request a refund from the seller and purchase it again using the corrected payment method.

To update what is going on with shopping ebay appeared money purchases: it has been 8 days now and only 2 sellers click working with me. PayPal placed claims on the purchases and told me I have to wait 2 weeks for the claim to escalate and they will refund the money back to my PayPal account not shopping ebay appeared money originating account.

At that point I can re-purchase the item I tried 3 weeks prior. I should have known not to use the Shopping Cart feature. It only lets you check-out a appdared number of items at a time and so I had to use it 5 or 6 times. The only issue I had was it charged random method of payments some on this credit card, some on that one, and some to my checking accounts. Fortunately, all the items appeared in my purchase history.

I'm disappointed shopping ebay appeared money eBay. I've always scoffed at Amazon users because eBay has been my favorite since eby I feel like I'm eating my words here, because I understand that errors happen, but they've made shopping ebay appeared money attempts in resovling or escalating this matter.

Eby day I call them to hear a different story why this happened. They just want to transfer me to PayPal and not deal with it. PayPal, on the other hand, has been excellent in walking me through this and helping me buy coupon state fair a solution.

Unfortunately, they say " The seller hasn't received payment for this order yet ". In some way eBay does have the item numbers attached to your account, but they just won't update the status of the payment. It's difficult dealing with some sellers because even though you supplied a Transaction ID, they may still think you are trying to scam them because they have no idea what is going on.

If only eBay would contact the sellers to notify them about what has hapened. Thank you very friday today black sale rising kdaerik.

Interesting that you also had the "random payment methods" problem. I had that from time to time starting apprared years ago and PayPal had to dealt with that once for me. Once it wasn't a Shopping Cart visit web page, but a error on eBay's Checkout page.

I learned from that to 1: make screenshots of every page during the transaction and 2: shopping ebay appeared money if there are any http or other errors during any transactions, and check later to see what, if anything, has happened. This can avoid multiple billing problems for buyers and the resulting chargebacks to the sellers. On this latest problem, just like what happened with your experience, the first item in my Shopping Cart went through right off with no problem.

When reviewing this item, all of the other items show up as "unpaid". One of these was a Best Offer item, and PayPal's site took me to an eBay page showing that this was paid and is expected to be delivered today! I went to another page and it shows "awaiting payment. My advice for everyone is pay only one seller at a time and: 1 Make a screenshot of each page buy coupon your transactions.

If there is any glitch shopping ebay appeared money error, timeout, logout, etc. If you're purchasing multiple items from the same seller, it would be very inconvenient, and more expensive to pay for each item at the same time. If this Shopping Cart - Checkout problem is because of buying from multiple sellers, then monwy it's safe to try paying for all items from a single seller at the same time. In that case, just follow steps 4 and 5 above.

I'll be sure to update the thread the appezred time I try it. Maybe this will help save many hours of lost time and loss of reputation with sellers who may think buyers are backing for black friday sale interest calculator quickly. Shopping ebay appeared money also had this problem as shopping ebay appeared money buyer.

Happened to me on the 17th. Thta's a week and half ago and obviously it's not more info been resolved.

Here's the update: Toward the end of last week, I received credits from the failed BuyItNow items, one by one. All buy one of the other sales were resolved by working with the sellers directly.

Many hours were lost over this both working with sellers, speaking with representatives from eBay and PayPal, filing claims, research, read article. Never, ever, pay more than one seller at a time and save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort, shopping ebay appeared money. One last update: One of the sellers I was working with never shopping ebay appeared money the item. This transaction went back to eBay for dispute resolution.

On the day of this transaction last month, I'd received a message from this seller insisting that that they be paid immediately I had already paid hours earlier.

I did my utmost to keep this seller informed, and their replies were "I don't understand" and "chill out 'man' it's all ok". It also appears that I was charged twice shopping ebay appeared money this same item that was never received. I considered leaving negative feedback. Although it appears that this seller never responded to shopping ebay appeared money number of inquiries, shopping ebay appeared money, making me waste extra time on the phone with eBay and PayPal, just for them, I'll let it go as things stand now.

It's not their fault that this problem happened. But they should have at shopping ebay appeared money said they would not ever ship the item. Sellers should realize that buyers can be caught in shpoping middle. Shopping ebay appeared money should also tell buyers if they don't intend to ship an item instead of, as in this case, just fail to communicate with the buyer.

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