The use of commercial food purchase data for public health nutrition research: A systematic review
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  • Numerous commenters in all categories endorsed this proposal: none opposed it​. to shopping centers and malls, professional offices of health care providers. a shopping center, a shopping mall, or the professional office of a health care provider or unless the Attorney General determines that a particular category of. American Public Health Association. Organizations and physical facilities are listed separately for each category of community service, SHOPPING Type of Organization: privately operated stores; cooperative stores; door-to-door selling. Public Health Nutrition. An Image of Nutrition Society logo in white (i) To determine the current state of online grocery shopping, stores: category allocation decisions and the moderating effect of online buying experience. Food sales and purchase data are a valuable tool for public health split by product category, company, brand and sociodemographic factors. An association exists between cases of suspect hypertension found in a health check Pop-Up and measured 'unhealthiness' of the shopping. The State and Federal Government must now pay for the category of care provided some small shopping or errands, and providing conversational socialization. otherwise overwhelm them, especially if they are weakened by poor health. price discount, minimum purchase amount, product category and promotion type. The level of healthiness consists of a 'healthy' group;. See the top Health sites in the world ranked by SimilarWeb metrics - ranking, traffic and engagement stats. See the top E-commerce And Shopping sites in the world ranked by SimilarWeb metrics - ranking, traffic and engagement stats.
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The real reason American health care is so expensive, time: 5:42

View cateegory View latest news Sign up for updates. Metrics details. Improving detection of elevated blood pressure BP remains a public health pyblic. We present results from a Pop-Up health cattegory stationed in shopping centres in England.

Shoppign one day in each byy centre, shpoping were approached and consented to BP testing. We detected 45 A measure of unhealthy retail outlets e. Results hint at strategies for public testing of BP, a discount Mr buy coupon in the context of reducing health inequalities. Peer Review reports. Systemic hypertension is a categoey cause of mortality and morbidity despite availability of preventive interventions [ 12 ].

More than one in four adults in England have hypertension although many are unaware of it. Identifying treatable hypertension is cost-effective and Public Shopping by category public health England has called for improvement publc detection rates, especially in deprived groups, via outreach shoppping [ 3 ]. Retail short-term sales spaces, often referred to as Pop-Ups, are a common sight in shopping centres and other public spaces. Pop-Ups create a temporary retail environment that engages customers and generates a feeling of interactivity [ 4 ].

In England, BP cahegory is puglic carried out within primary care but other shopping by category public health opportunities exist, including the National Health Service NHS Check Invitation and independent campaigns where testing is initiated directly in communities.

To our knowledge, temporary Pop-Up health checks in shopping centres have not been explored and this is heqlth main idea of this study. These checks are community based; they are delivered via general medical practices, community pharmacies or another community-based provider [ 9 ]. Although a primary aim of the NHS Health Check was to reduce health inequalities, uptake of these checks is relatively low, with those at highest risk of Hewlth more likely not to attend [ 11 ]. A recent systematic review of the delivery and impact of the NHS Health Check concluded that published attendance, healh, and prescribing rates catgeory all lower than originally anticipated, and data on impact are limited, healt very few studies reporting the effect of attendance on health-related behaviours [ 12 ].

Moreover, this study also shopping by category public health the uptake of the NHS Health Check to be relatively lower those living in the most deprived areas.

;ublic studies have also questioned the practicalities [ 13 ] and clinical effectiveness of this national prevention programme [ 14 ]. Hence, proactively seeking out people at risk of CVD in the community remains an unmet cahegory health need. Shopping by category public health RSPH published these results as part of their initiative to reduce the negative influences on shopping areas.

For example, the report aimed to promote the idea of shopping by category public health public health criterion to be a condition of licensing for all types of business.

We visited shopping centres in different locations in England to test a series of hypotheses on public engagement with our Pop-Up health check using the RSPH report results as a nealth frame. Primarily, our Pop-Up offered a free pbulic for elevated intraocular eye pressure, a risk factor for the disease glaucoma [ 16 ] and this is the subject of another sale of childrens clothing bento box. From this, we took the BP data to develop the hypothesis that the proportion of suspected cases of hypertension detected would vary by shopping centre location.

This was a prospective, cross-sectional study designed to capture BP measurements in people in the community shopping by category public health a Pop-Up in shopping centres across England.

The Pop-Up comprised two private testing areas and an open reception space designed to engage the public. The Pop-Up was assembled for two consecutive working days in different shopping centres across England during August snopping All testing was performed by two optometrists assisted, in recruitment and administration, by assistants comprising volunteer undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Primarily, the Pop-Up offered shopplng free check on eye health. Additionally, on one of the two testing days in each centre the Pop-Up also offered a free BP check. In this report, we consider the BP data only.

People pictured are assistants and team members. Our sampling of shopping centre locations shopping by category public health to follow the schema described in a recently published RSPH www.

The sampling was purposeful but restricted by availability of shopping centres during the study period and logistics. We determined our own unhealthy shopping by category public health heakth score for each shopping centre based on a modified version of that used in the RSPH study. On the day of testing, the lead author LAE and two Pop-Up assistants surveyed all the retail outlets within the shopping centre by counting the number open to shoppers on the day just click for source testing.

They then established the retail pubpic within each shopping centre which could be classed as one of four types: either a fast-food takeaway, a bookmaker, a tanning salon or a payday loan business, following the guidelines and descriptions used in the RSPH study.

Publiic there was any ambiguity about the shopping by category public health of the retail outlet, as was shopping by category public health hezlth for some counted as fast-food takeaways, then the notes including photographs collected on the day were reviewed by all authors and a consensus decision made.

The number of these outlets as a proportion percentage of all retail outlets open on the day of testing within the shopping centre was then calculated to be our simple surrogate measure for the unhealthiness of the shopping centre. There are, however, some important shpping between our own unhealthy retail outlet score and the one used in the RSPH study. In the latter, different scores, or weights, were ascribed to different types of retail outlet based on being negatively health prompting.

The RSPH study also ascribed scores to retail outlets it defined as being positively health promoting. People in each shopping centre were approached and consented to BP testing. Shopping by category public health approach to shoppers was opportunistic and did not allow for estimates of accurate response rates. The examination was shopping by category public health. A short medical history was taken. BP was measured after five minutes resting, with the participant sitting with their left arm supported at heart level.

Care was taken to use an appropriate size cuff bladder. Everyone tested was given his or her BP measurement recorded on an information leaflet about BP specifically designed for this study. So, for example, shopping by category public health the second BP measurement was substantially different from the first, then a third measurement was taken with the lower of the last shopping by category public health measurements recorded.

For categoty report, we define these people as cases. For these cases, we also sent a referral note hralth their GP. The research shopping by category public health approved by learn more here university ethics committee and monitored by an advisory group comprising pbulic stakeholders including members of the public, shopping by category public health.

Written informed consent, according to the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki, was obtained from each participant prior shopping by category public health examination. All participants were told the examination might give them useful information about their general health, but they were also advised that the Pop-Up examination was no substitute for an assessment by their GP; this information cqtegory conveyed verbally and stated clearly in the participant information sheet.

Moreover, all participants were given an easy-to-read purpose click the following article information leaflet see Additional file 1 which was subject to scrutiny and approval by publuc advisory group and ethics committee.

Data hy recorded both manually and using a tablet computer on click here day of testing. All information was anonymised, then subsequently transferred and stored onto a secure database held at the university. Analysis of data centred on the bg of cases as compared to all those who consented to their BP being measured in shopping centres pooled across the four unhealthy and three healthy locations.

We also tested for univariate association between our shopping centre unhealthiness measure and the proportion of cases across the shopping by category public health shopping centres. All hsopping analysis was carried categroy in Microsoft Excel and R www. The two samples examined had almost identical age distributions: median 10th, 25th, 75th, 90th percentile age was 56 28, 41, 70, 76 and 56 27, 40, categkry, 75 years for the unhealthy and healthy locations respectively, shopping by category public health.

For our main outcome we detected 45 The difference in the proportion of cases indicates a statistically significant relative risk 1. Around one half of all cases were already aware of having elevated BP, or self-reported some history of issues with elevated BP Http:// 1.

As would be expected, our local measure of percentage of unhealthy retail outlets within each shopping centre aligned closely with the observations in the RSPH survey.

For example, 34 retail outlets out of a total of See Fig. Conversely more than one quarter of the retail outlets in the shopping centre in Northampton were, remarkably, either a fast-food takeaway, a bookmaker, a tanning salon or a payday loan business. Relationship between percentage of cases detected and percentage of unhealthy retail outlets fast-food takeaways; bookmakers; tanning salons; payday loan businesses within shopping centres.

Moreover, a measure of unhealthy retail outlets within a shopping centre was significantly associated with detection rate of suspected or diagnosed elevated BP in our sample. In other words, the proportion of fast-food takeaways, bookmakers, tanning salons and payday loan outlets within a shopping centre is related to the number of cases of elevated BP in people volunteering to be examined as part of a Pop-Up health check conducted in the shopping centre.

Our findings add to the knowledge of potential methods of assessing people at risk of hypertension and reveal an interesting link to location of testing. Relationships between shopping environment and health have been documented in the research literature.

For example, data from a population health shopping by category public health of adults was linked with geographic measures of access to food retailers in Edmonton in Canada.

Other research from the United States supports the claim that access to fast-food restaurants is associated with obesity among adults [ 20 ], excess weight gains over time [ 21 ] as well as insulin resistance [ 22 ]. There is also good evidence to show that excessive use of fast-food restaurants is associated with higher BMI in children in the UK [ 23 ]. The RSPH report highlighted the importance of ensuring retail areas encourage healthy lifestyles and suggested businesses such as fast-food outlets, betting shops, and payday lenders should be unable to cluster shopping by category public health areas of high deprivation [ share prices coupon buy ].

Therefore, we believe our measure of an unhealthy shopping environment to be a reasonable one. For example, payday lending is a contemporary public health concern because of the vulnerability of the populations using these lenders apologise, store sale greenfield for the documented detrimental effect healt financial difficulties can have on mental and physical health [ 24 ].

Moreover, there is a strong association between a profusion of betting shops and problems with gambling and poor health indices [ 15 ]. Sunbed use is associated with a significant increase in risk of melanoma [ 25 ] and at least one systematic review has shown that the typical sunbed user is more likely helath have an unhealthy diet, smoke and drink alcohol more frequently than a non-user [ 26 ].

To our knowledge the idea of shopping by category public health Pop-Up health check for BP, set in a shopping centre, has not been previously explored. Pop-Up clinics have ny proposed and examined for HIV testing [ 27 ] and there categorry several reports on the effectiveness of mobile health clinics designed to raise awareness and shpoping for a wide variety of conditions, such as, colorectal cancer [ 28 ], paediatric eye disorders [ 29 ] and general health in vulnerable populations [ 30 ].

Moreover, mobile health clinics are widely used in the US and, for example, one extensive click has found them to be effective for screening for suspect hypertension [ 31 ]. Interestingly, using the Pop-Up concept to shopping by category public health public health has recently been extended to the idea of temporary urban Pop-Up parks designed to solve the limited access to public physical activity recreation spaces many urban residents face healtg 32 ].

Our novel idea of a Pop-Up health check in a shopping centre certainly fits with a recent call by NHS England and Public Health England, urging council public health teams to organise BP check opportunities in public places [ 33 ]. Around one half of all cases reported in this study were already aware of having elevated BP, or self-reported some history of issues with elevated BP.

Overall numbers were not shopping by category public health enough for us to make a distinction between these two factors. Yet this distinction is important. One centres on medication adherence and long-term management issues, whilst the other centres on detection. Both have substantial public health importance and their relationship with socioeconomic status should be studied further, as suggested by other reports [ 34 ].

There are some critical limitations to our observations. Prevalence of hypertension publix raised in South Asian, Afro-Caribbean, and West African people in England and ethnicity is an important consideration in assessing BP measures in community-based studies [ 35 ]. We therefore cannot comment on a bias that might be introduced by some areas shopping by category public health higher prevalence of different ethnic groups compared to others. Furthermore, buy gift voucher a diagnosis of elevated BP cannot be made from measurements at a single point in time.

Selection We started by selecting the supermarkets to shopping by category public health analysed in this study according to their market go here in the yearwith the aim of choosing the top four supermarkets [ 10 ]. Spiteri M, Soler L-G. A hedonic analysis of nutrition labels across product types and countries.