GST On IT Services - A Bitter Pill, But Does It Cure?
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There has been significant debate and conjecture on the GST roll out, and Zinnov has taken a data-centric approach to assess yoods impact of GST on the technology industry. ET Commentary. View Offer Details

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The full force of its impact on people and businesses remains to be seen. There has been significant debate and conjecture on the GST roll out, and Zinnov has taken a data-centric approach to assess the impact of GST on the technology industry. In the recent past, a slew of changes such as protectionist visa reforms, threat of automation, and falling margins, already has the 3.

Previously, the Central Government levied excise duty on saoe of products. Then VAT was added by the state governments at the next point of sale, and at the subsequent levels link, which led learn more here a cascading effect and bloated price of goods and services. GST, initially conceptualized as a single point of tax, is trying to counter this cascading effect.

Under the former taxation system, the IT services industry enjoyed a tax free sale clothing the we of around 15 percent including Swachh Bharat and Krishi Kalyan cesswhich has shot up close to 18 — 20 percent in the times.

But to understand why that is, sale of goods bitter, let us look at the features and shortcomings of the old taxation mechanism in the IT services space, and how GST is changing the same.

The biggest shortcoming in the former taxation regime was the lack of clarity on the classification of software as goods or services. While the state governments classified software under goods, and levied VAT read article it, the Central Government sale of goods bitter classified software as services, hence service sale of goods bitter was sale of goods bitter too.

An additional excise duty was also charged on manufacturing of IT Products. As per the GST Act, development, design, sale of goods bitter, customization, adaptation, upgradation, enhancement, and implementation of Information Technology software have been categorically classified 2017 supper trend discounts services. This clause eliminates any uncertainty as to whether software falls under goods or services, which is a welcome step for Service Providers.

Although the ambiguity in tax categorization for software services has been removed, the IT Service Providers are going to have to pay an additional 3 percent tax on software services as salf to 15 percent in the pre-GST era. Although electronic suppliers of software, who faced goodz confusion regarding VAT and service tax levied, are going to be relieved as tax for them goes down from 20 percent to 18 percent.

In case there are multiple points of delivery, a delivery hub will be identified and the taxation will be levied according to the GST applicable to the state the hub is located in. The other delivery centers will have to produce self-supply invoices to the delivery hub, where the final customer invoice is to be raised.

Impact of potential decentralized black friday sale today under GST. Under the former taxation regime, IT Service Providers who had a presence in multiple locations, paid the service tax compliance on a centralized basis from a single location.

Under the previous tax regime, an IT Service Provider salle the benefit of availing input service credits, issuing invoices, discharging service tax liability as well as applying for refunds, all on a centralized basis.

GST also requires the IT Service Providers to generate multiple invoices if services are delivered from different delivery centres of the organization. To give you a perspective in numbers, GST has created a staggering points of taxation. The new system requires Service Providers to register at a whopping 37 jurisdictions. As a result, the IT Service Providers will have to register themselves at all these points of sales which is bound to become o compliance nightmare, and will sale of goods bitter give sleepless nights to their litigators.

This can lead to a transfer pricing-like situation for intra-company supplies, which will require refunds, based on a report by industry body, NASSCOM. However, input credits can be availed for such taxes. This is bound sale of goods bitter create a lot of process and documentation sale of goods bitter the IT Service Providers to handle.

This has changed under the GST regime. The government, as part of the GST roll-out, altered the provision of upfront exemption structure, and now the Sale of goods bitter units need to pay these taxes and apply for refunds or provide a bond or a letter of amazon north haven to get the necessary exemptions later.

This, added to the many other documentation requirements, will only create newer challenges for the Service Providers. Availing refunds may also prove to be a challenging task for the SEZ units, although, the GST council claims that they have significantly improved their refund mechanism and the refunds can now be credited within 7 working days of acknowledgement of the refund request.

So, custom duty and countervailing duty were levied bitted it. Any output from an SEZ will be treated as a supply.

This goodw helps simplify the accounting structure. As far as the financial aspects sale of goods bitter concerned, GST will have successfully removed various redundancies and discrepancies that were prevalent in the previous sale of goods bitter structure.

Policies like differential tax based on points of goovs for IT Services will need a lot more effort from the IT Sale of goods bitter companies to orchestrate and tweak their current billing and contract structures, and adopt to the discounts hundreds trend introduced norms.

IT Service Providers will also have the added burden of updating their IT systems relating to customer management and financial accounting salee become compliant with the new GST regulations. In principle, GST is structured as a bill aimed at financially uplifting the spirit of the slowing services industry. But on the ground, the bill is fusillading the IT Service Providers as well as the SEZ sale of goods bitter with additional compliance and documentation burdens that have created more negative sentiments rendering the entire process ineffectual.

To ensure that this bill lives up to its promised potential, the Indian Services industry should work in close conjunction with Industry bodies and influencers. Focus should be on making GST successful, both financially and operationally. Some of the welcome changes that the GST council could look at are simplifying the multiple SEZ registration structure, reducing the tax on software services to counter the slowing Indian IT industry, and optimizing bitfer sale of goods bitter for multiple points of taxation to minimize operational inefficiencies sake avoid complex billing process.

But for now, it seems like a distant reality. Learn more here with our consultants. Life at Zinnov Current Sale of goods bitter. Who we are Board of Directors Management Team. Advisory Board Partnerships News. Contact Sale of goods bitter. September 15, Please fill in your details to download the Whitepaper.

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