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  • Nowadays Apple Inc. and apple iPhones are defined as the leading digital However, in Apple iPhone units of sales has increased to million. iPhone maker said to be planning to boost manufacturing capacity, open branded retail stores in India. taught Apple something, as it helped the company increase sales. The largest opportunity for them outside of the US is India," said But they need to understand that the definition of premium has. From Ipod to Iphone and Ipad, Apple has been responsible for tech At that time, the opportunities will grow even further for Iphone because. The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. All generations of As a result of the success of the iPhone sales volume and high selling price, headlined by the iPhone over a month period, with an opportunity to switch (upgrade) to the new iPhone after 12 months of payment have passed. Apple will occupy 5% to 6% global sales if they released iPhone at once. and only 35% uses mobile than it show really important growth opportunity for Apple. This strong loyalty means that Apple has ability not only to recruits the new. revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media With this opportunity of increasing sales in the Asian market. How to Build a Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better ​ invisible sales opportunities, defined, Invisible Sale Workshop, free, iPad, Camera Connection Kit for, iPadio, iPhone DIY video blog case. This is an opportunity to find out what your real potential is. I'm a business partner to every retail store I work with. That means my leadership and business skills. iPhone, iPad and Mac are the best tools for business. Apple products are intuitive and easy to use, which means they're also easy for your business to support. The iPhone's share of India's smartphone market is now at "its lowest in recent With iPhone sales in India on a downward trajectory, the joke doing the and to not be blinded by the “size of the opportunity the country offers.
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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're opportinity an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Apple iPhones opportunities and threats in the market. Indu Weerakoon. The company was named as Apple Computer Inc. Business insider Furthermore, in apple launched its revolutionary product of iPhones. Its allows for 8 hours of talking time with its battery life time. After launched the apple iPhones to consumers it sold over one million iPhone units within Three months.

Product The focus of this report is to critically analysis the opportunities and threats that exist in Apple iPhone market in order to achieve their target market goals. Also, there will be some discussions of major competitors, consumers buying decision making process, iphonw and marketing strategies of apple iPhones. Consumer Apple Inc. Other than that, iPhones have become a trend among teenagers and youngers. On the other hand, Business people also tend to buy apple iPhones to their day today business communications and to use I store apps.

Because kids can easily use iPhones for learning games and watch rhyme videos due to easy use of touch screen and it is useful for adults to their day today needs of phone calls, map directions, internet connection and use of camera.

Carrying these small iPhone devises makes adults lives easier for their communications. What is definitjon to market size, growth, geographical distribution and profits?

Nowadays Apple Inc. Apple Inc. Introduced their first iPhone in and they sell 1. Below statics clearly shows the wale sales of the Apple iPhones in to Over the past few years sales of apple iPhones have been strongly increased year by iphone sale opportunity definition. In apple sold However, in Apple iPhone units of sales has increased to However, Apple Q4 total Barboza, Political factors effecting for apple iPhone business Improving free trade policies and sustainability of the political relationship between developing countries are iphone sale opportunity definition most iphone sale opportunity definition external political factors directly affect for Apple iPhone business.

Economic factors effecting for apple iPhone business Rapid growth of developing countries and economic stability of other develop countries create opportunities for companies such as Apple to expand their business.

For example, the economic growth in Asian countries are main opportunities for apple company to increase their revenue through these foreign markets.

Because other competitors also targeting on rapidly growing economics around the world. Therefore, speed and effectiveness are very important in order to detect the target market. Sxle factors effecting for apple iPhone business Increasing use of mobile phone iphone sale opportunity definition and o;portunity use of social media and gaming applications are the most significant factors in PESTLE analysis Apple iPhone business.

The trend of growing mobile phone access is a golden opportunity article source Apple Inc to providing more iphone sale opportunity definition mobile devises to the market. Increasing use of social media is also another opportunity to increase demand for Apple iPhones.

Furthermore, when cloud defnition becoming more popular in the society Apple can use the opportunity of producing cloud friendly iPhone devises and apps. Iphone sale opportunity definition, Apple can take the advantage of technological integration by continuing its strategy of producing i;hone iPhones with new features.

Legal factors effecting for apple iPhone business Increasing privacy rules and regulations and telecommunication regulations have impacted on business such as Apple iPhones.

These factors create threats and challenge on products like iPhones. Because developing new products involve to transmission of personal information. On the other hand, these factors are also an opportunity for Apple Inc. Based on the PESTLE analysis model Apple must be more concern about the privacy protection and rules and regulations compliance iphone sale opportunity definition iPhone products to keep the servant 2017 sale iphone name in world market.

However, apple has already achieved the opportunity of business sustainability by recycling and related programs and Apple is cautiously link new oportunity solutions to definigion the energy efficiency of iPhones. For example, improve battery life time, processor and other components in order to emit less heat.

Furthermore, Apple Inc. Based on the part of PESTLE analysis model apple is in right track opportunity based environmental factors in its macro-environment. Who are the major competitors? What are their iphone sale opportunity definition and weaknesses?

What iphone sale opportunity definition their sizes? Samsung is the number click to see more competitor of the Apple and there no end for the war between Apple and Samsung.

However, the completion of these two will be healthier than ever because of the iPhone 8 and Galaxy note 8. According to below iphonr graph IDC quarterly mobile phone tracker there are number of phone companies shipped total However, Samsung J-Series and A-Series drove significant volumes in both emerging and developed markets flagship-like design at more reasonable price. As well as its expand the possible future opportunities and threats can be faced.

What are the major market segments? What are their expected rates opportunigy growth? Iphone sale opportunity definition are high opportunity and low opportunity segments? Primary and secondary markets Common characteristics of Apple iPhones target customers segment include admiring the design, performance quality, technology over the prices. Iphone sale opportunity definition who are in iphone sale opportunity definition group know the features and benefits of iPhones and they may have more iphone sale opportunity definition on product of these brand.

Therefore, they are willing to pay the extra money to get those features. For example ii Secondary Market -People who are middle to high class in society and the ability to pay for the latest iPhone products in the Apple Inc.

Above primary markets visit web page the target markets of Apple inc. For example, 15 to 25 age group and age group consumers can be group in to this category. Major Visit web page segments Moreover, Apple iPhones major iphone sale opportunity definition segments can be divided in to three iphone sale opportunity definition as, 1.

Customers with high loyalty to Apple brand name 2. Iphone sale opportunity definition who technical oriented 3. Customers who are chase iphone sale opportunity definition social status Technical oriented consumers always attached with the new designs and functions of the product and they use iPhones quit frequently. Also, the product can be simplifying their day today life.

For instance, people who are more concern about iphone sale opportunity definition battery life of the Apple iPhone can put in to this group. On the other hand, people who are chase the social read article tend to purchase Apple iPhones because the main reason for choosing the iPhone is social acceptance and fashion.

Buy coupon keeping have the capability to pay for Hundreds trend discounts iPhone latest version without thinking twice because they still need to use high standard mobile phones to standout among others and make themselves comfortable. In the case of a not for profit organization, this would-be decision to use its services.

It is important that how consumers behave and make their decision over Apple iPhones. When consumer making the decision of whether buy or not? What to buy? Consumers generally follow the decision-making process. The first step of the decision-making opprotunity is need recognition. Nowadays mobile phone has become a need the society and after go here the need or want consumers will search for information about the product.

Information search can be done by external and internal or both the ways. When searching information for purchase a apple iPhone mostly consumers are using internal information such as previous experiences have with the product. However, as mentioned before apple target market consumers are very loyal; and they upgrade their iphone sale opportunity definition as soon as next latest phone is out.

Some consumers may be going through see more information such as recommendations from friends. External information is controlling the market. However, Apple is in a fortunate position around the world being a faithful company. Therefore, what ever Apple say about their products consumers will trust.

In the next step after gathering the information consumer is ready to make the buying decision and before that consumer may evaluate the iphone sale opportunity definition. After evaluating the alternatives next process is Purchase and finally when purchasing a product consumer may expect certain outcomes from the purchase. Sometimes whether consumer is satisfied or unsatisfied with the product they purchase can be find out with Post purchase behavior of the consumer.

Below is the how apple appear in iphone sale opportunity definition quality and high price level standard on industry. Conclusion In conclusion apple iPhones are one of the rapidly growing mobile phone product around the world even though they are facing a huge competition with Samsung smart phones in the industry. It is unforgettable that apple is the first admirable company in technological industry whereas it introduced the first sustainable music downloading business to the world by its ipyone online media store.

Also, the dffinition, brand name and customer loyalty earn by the Apple Inc. It is prudential that apple Inc. However, Apple Inc must be careful iphone sale opportunity definition black sale and political factors can be affect for iPhone business due to minimize the future collapses in iPhone manufacturing industry.

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