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  • These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'closeout.' Views expressed in the. Closeout definition, a sale on all goods in liquidating a business. First recorded in –25; noun use of verb phrase close out WORD OF THE DAY. I am seeing the word closeout in shops everywhere, online and 'real'. I understand from context that it means something like clearance, but can. closeout definition: 1. an occasion when the price of goods in a shop or factory is reduced so they can be sold quickly. Learn more. Definition of closeout in the dictionary. Meaning of closeout. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word closeout. closeout - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and in a detailed manner:When you examine this painting close up, you'll see it's not genuine. The word shut refers esp. to blocking or barring openings intended for​. I think the Department of Justice will really have the final word on this particular point. Is it true that the modified contract would permit the utilities to terminate. In this case it would be difficult for the State agency to submit a final closeout Wherever the word “recipient” appears, it is deleted and the word “participant” is. Primavera®); reporting tools, mostly in the form of word processing or publishing software Project Closeout At some point, all the direct project work is completed, This is not entirely true; there are still some remaining issues that the best.
Thanks for your vote! Don't keep it to yourself Most dollar stores are like that - they buy closed out merchandise and sell it inexpensively. View Offer Details

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I have a sneaking suspicion that it is related to "closing out the books" as in winding up the accounting closeout a real word the year in preparation for taxes. At the end of the day, the cash register must be "closed out" by extracting the permanent record of the day's activity from it somehow, and comparing the register's idea of how much cash it's supposed to have meaning servants by shopping category it with the actual contents of the cash drawer.

Or, at busier stores, each cashier will have to do this at the end of her or his shift. There's also the other sporting use of the phrase, 'to close out the game' 'close read article the set', etc.

Unless I am totally out of touch which is probable the "closing out" of the cash register is known in the UK as "cashing up" to those who actually do it, and "till reconciliation" to those mighty folk who are aware of it only in the abstract. When I worked in retail in the northeastern US, one 'cashed out' at the end of the day, rather than 'closing out'.

Closeout a real word "close out" and "cash out" for the same action are familiar to me, on the periphery of retailing. One thing I'd mention that might be misunderstood by UK readers is that "clearance" is just as common if not more so in the Closeout a real word as "closeout.

Is "reduced to clear" used in closeout a real word US as a synonym for "on clearance", or is that UK-only? I would refer to "cashing up" the till. I am not familiar with "reduced to clear" in the US.

Somehow, too, there is a sublte, perhaps regional, difference in clearance closeout a real word close out and in my region of the Southern US "clearance" is more commonly used. When I think of the two terms, "clearance" is more of a temporary term whereas "close out" has more finality. The sports-related use closeout a real word the words "close out" is very common in baseball or in sports where individual play is emphasized. Here Austin, Texasone can also 'close out' a bar or restaurant tab at the end of the evening when you want to pay.

I say this quite often, as I usually leave my card behind the bar since I rarely have cash. Well speaking of bars, for me "closing out" a bar would be staying until closing time. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along.

I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. And talking of closings and bars, I'm reminded of the infamous custom of the "lock-in" UK when closeout a real word opening hours have passed, but the pub landlord locks his doors with some customers still inside and still drinking. Does this still moved goods today of sale after the loosening of the licensing regulations?

Another US term that we've been hearing a lot of in the UK now due to the recession which I find totally alien is 'foreclosure'. I still don't know what it means! I'm guessing it means 'repossessed'?

As a former long ago closeout a real word chain closeout a real word store manager, we would close out the registers and cash out the drawers. Closing out the register wrote a record of the day's sales from that register to memory and sent it to corporate. Cashing out a drawer required a printout of the sales on that drawer and reconciling the amount in the drawer with the expected closeout a real word. A closeout store is pretty much what used to be called a job lot.

Most dollar stores are like that - they buy closed out merchandise and sell it inexpensively. Foreclosure is repossession, but is used only to refer to real estate in my experience. Clearance sale is reducing the price of some products to make room for more closeout a real word. BUT I have seen people use the term closeout more loosely, as a synonym for clearance.

A closeout store would be called an outlet store in the Midwestern US. I've even been to outlet malls, where the stores are outlets for major department store chains and expensive brands.

Closeout a real word stores aren't really the same as closeout stores. They often offer goods at a reduced price because they come direct closeout a real word the manufacturer, not because they're closing anything out.

Word Verification is furin, which refers to the difference between, e. British English and American English; one is furin. I've used my tried-and-tested 'click randomly in the email inbox' method to choose today's topic. Australian Bec moved to the US temporarily she may well have moved back in the time it's taken me to respond and found: I am seeing the word closeout in shops everywhere, online and 'real'. I understand from context that it means something like clearancebut can you tell me if it is an American term, or just new word or if it is common everywhere and I have just missed seeing it before?

It sounds really odd to me. The OED covers the verb form to close out orbut they note that it's also used as a noun or an absol. To clear out a stock of goods ; to wind up a business ; to sell or finish off.

Also absol. The examples in the OED mostly have pronouns as the object of close outand the pronoun goes between the verb close and the particle outcloseout a real word, as in close it out. If the object is a full buy gift voucher hung phrase, my spider senses tell me that you could put it closeout a real word before or after the out yet shopping by category servants meaning congratulate the longer the object noun phrase, the more likely it would be to go after the out.

In my experience, though, the noun closeout is currently more common than the verb to close out. That is, I'd be more likely to say They're having a closeout on Acme widgetsrather than They're closing Acme widgets out.

On the noun closeout a real word, one might say that it's a closeout or a closeout sale. Wikipedia tells me that in the US there are things called closeout storeswhich are dedicated to selling off ends closeout a real word product lines.

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Often during after-Christmas clearance sales, they let people know that this is their chance to buy everything they didn't get for Christmas, or as rael phrase goes, "everything Santa Claus forgot. Anonymous 02 April, Word closeout a real word Definition. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.