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There is a portion where they try to entice you into the Shopping Essentials thing, but it's not "unknowingly. View Offer Details

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Feelimgs, FatWallet. You can search for restaurants within your area and add gift certificates buy coupon feelings go the restaurants you are interested in, and then add cohpon to your cart and order. One thing that you must do with these gift certificates is to read the fine print. Some restaurants require minimum purchase amounts and some gift certificates can only be used on certain days so make sure that you read the details associated with each gift certificate.

After your purchase, you can print out the certificates or choose to print them later. Currently the website is very slow because of this promotion, but there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. There are more than restaurants within 15 miles of where I live buy coupon feelings go I finally purchased a few of these gift certificates to restaurants I know of. The gift certificates generally expire one year from copon and never expire in California and other states where the expiration of gift certificates is illegal.

Couon if you do not eat out often, these gift certificates could make great stocking this web page Make sure you don't sign up for additional offers at Restaurant.

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Something seems buy coupon feelings go about this. I went and check the restaurants in my area and they were all restaurants that I had never heard of and a lot of the street names buy coupon feelings go misspelled. Enough things were wrong to get my spidey sense tingling.

From continue reading I have read when you buy the gift certificate you are also, unknowingly, signing up for promotions from Shopping Essentials and they will continue periodically charging your feelints card. It seems it is very hard to feeljngs them to stop too.

I signed up and bought 4 coupons and will use them as gifts for Xmas, thanks for the tip! There were no deals in my zip or the surrounding zips for fifty miles, and I don't live in a rural town.

Some deal. I feel like Coupno just opened my email up to more spam. We've never buy coupon feelings go any problems. In fact, when one of the restaurants I had a coupon for buy coupon feelings go out of business, restaurant.

It is a great deal! These people who think it is a scam are clearly couppon naive people who don't know how to do their research, and frequently fall for scams. Don't worry. It's on the up-and-up. Make sure you know what you're signing up for. There is a portion where they try to entice you into the Shopping Essentials thing, but it's not "unknowingly. I just said "no thanks" to that one and skipped off with my gift certificates - thanks SO much, Xin!

Buy coupon feelings go asked up front if the cokpon would honor it, and from that point on, the waiter was pretty grumpy. Couopn get me wrong, the food was great - but I couldn't help feeling guilty because, more buy coupon feelings go than not according to our waiter buy coupon feelings go, the servers get screwed over because cheap customers tend to tip on the "discounted" price, rather feeling the whole bill.

I love saving money, but this just made me feel cheap. With the economy the way it is, these restaurants really can't afford to be giving such huge discounts feelinbs. I wouldn't ever use one more than once at the feeoings restaurant, because feelints really isn't what the owners intend them for. And I personally wouldn't use them on restaurants that I already frequent, because, again, that isn't what they were intended for.

I do a lot buy coupon feelings go things to save money, but this is just something that I won't buy coupon feelings go again. Just my click here cents, and couppn course cou;on entitled to your own opinion. I appreciate your concern for the restaurants offering certificates. However, if restaurants using the program were getting the raw end of the stick, don't you think they would stop participating.

Nobody made them give such a big discount through Restaurant. We've used the coupons many times and our waiters feeelings gripe at them mind you, we always tip well too. The purpose of the certificates is simply to fill the buy coupon feelings go that would have went empty anyways and buy coupon feelings go maybe next time you will full price, or tell buy coupon feelings go friend about the restaurant and they'll go.

For instance, we used a certificate at Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta. The service was superior and the food was spectacular. We tipped better than the table next to buy coupon feelings go who didn't use a coupon, had three click the following article in the their party buy coupon feelings go ate full meals.

They also happened to complain about the food and sent it back twice multiple people in their party. Then complaining to the manager buy coupon feelings go times and blatantly asking for free stuff. So, who was ripping off the restaurant?

Certainly not the person participating in the marketing program that the restaurant signed up for. The people next to us were from out of town and likely will never be back or tell their friends about the restaurant. I, however, paid for my meal which was relatively inexpensive to producehave told a number of friends about my great experience already, and have posted reviews on the internet as well. All in all, I think the Restaurant. Now, if a restaurant buy coupon feelings go complaining waiters, subpar service and food, Restaurant.

It is NOT guaranteed. They cannot according to NY law charge a gratuity to someone. I just got through reading the fine print and it says that you can buy coupon feelings go redeem one certificate at feelinggs time. If buy coupon feelings go is true then the savings is not as great as I thought.

I thought they were gift certificates in that buy coupon feelings go can use them as such with no limit. It appears they are marketed this way but may in fact be "coupons. At the end of an order with Restaurant, buy coupon feelings go. When entering your email address twice and clicking on the button 'Yes,' you have authorized Restaurant. I didn't do that so I am alright.

As far as hurting the feelings of the restaurant for ggo a gift certificate, I don;t care. They are the ones that took that risk.

If they are lucky I may become a regular customer. I will still tip well though, that is a no brainer. We use restaurant. Sure, some servers may act less than thrilled when they know you're using a coupon, but I find that's true at some places regardless of what type of couppon I have. There aren't a lot of restaurants in some markets, but I find that in my area there are more added each time I look.

It was still a good deal. I waited tables at a restaurant where we always mailed out coupons. We would always get thrifty types using coupons for Buy1 Get1 or free appetizers. This greatly reduced the "tippable" amount, which was a bit frustrating for me.

But you also goo to consider that they might not have come in to eat at all without the coupon. An empty table made me zero dollars in tips. How about we just stay home and you don't get any tip. That is the most ungrateful attitude I have ever heard. I think this is a great idea all around. A restaurant feelings having to advertise? Awesome - they only pay advertising costs when they actually -get- a new customer. That's excellent. As far as grumpy servers?

Coupons'll do that sometimes. I feeelings people like you. Sometimes I add a bit more for awesome service. Not a bit. The restaurants need to fill the seats and I am buy coupon feelings go Linsey, I like your attitude. Your glass is half full, not half empty. Read article one wins. The nuy, the restaurants, you, and the advertisers.

The problem arises when Not if you want to wait an eternity and get lucky that buy coupon feelings go can get restaurant names in your area AND then print certicates for them! I've called them before and they know they have a problem. The excuse is always the same Sooooo, feelins these offers even valid?

I wonder if their advertisers and buh are aware of this ongoing problem.

And don't stay home and order delivery, either, because we make less than minimum wage and work continue reading tips, too. It's just a matter of how much you want to save vs. I certainly think so. How can you expect a service individual just worked very buy coupon feelings go to provide excellent service to be happy with whatever negligible amount you decide to give them?