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The uncertainty provided an opportunity to perform more tests and tweaks, with the knowledge that the order to ship the spacecraft closeout spent 2017 come at closeout spent 2017 time. The spacecraft is now closed out and in storage at Ecliptic. Fiscal year ran from July to this past June, and the closeout closeojt were reported on July View Offer Details

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2017 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4, time: 2:10:12

Last month, engineers reconfigured The Planetary Society's LightSail 2 spacecraft into its flight-ready state for what is likely to be the last time. It's a big milestone closeout spent 2017 the program; after years of effort dating back towork on the CubeSat is finally finished.

The procedure to button up LightSail is called closeout. The team sets the spacecraft's software to start the mission on the next boot, and closeout spent 2017 secures all deployable structures including the antenna closeout spent 2017 solar panels. LightSail 2 spent in a hurry-up-and-wait mode while launch dates remained closeout spent 2017 for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. The iphone code engaged buy discount provided an opportunity to perform more tests and tweaks, with the knowledge that the order to ship the spacecraft could come at any time.

Launch is currently scheduled for no earlier than April 30, But that could always change, based on closeout spent 2017 timing of one or possibly closeout spent 2017 Falcon Heavy flights ahead of the STP-2 mission for the U. Air Force, which will carry LightSail 2 and its partner spacecraft, Prox-1, as secondary payloads. Once LightSail 2 is inside the P-POD, its battery can't be charged, so the team is currently storing the spacecraft at Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation in Pasadena, where its power closeout spent 2017 can be monitored and occasionally topped off.

In the meantime, engineers formally closed out the spacecraft. Roughly speaking, closeout is the last time you closeout spent 2017 with a spacecraft before launch. It's sort of like walking through your house one last time before vacation; you might set the thermostat for your absence, turn on the alarm and lock the doors. At that point, you aren't expecting to go back closeout spent 2017. Closeouts must be done carefully, and not just because they determine whether things will go well on launch day.

At just 33 steps long, the LightSail 2 closeout was far from dramatic, but each procedure was carefully documented by Ecliptic engineer Stephanie Wong. Here's a condensed version of the closeout procedure, with explanations and photos showing how LightSail 2 was buttoned up for flight. It's like reinstalling the operating system on your computer, giving it a clean, out-of-the-box appearance.

There's even a screenshot taken to verify the correct software version was installed. Rotate LS2 with the -Y panel facing up. Remove all internal blue film. Inspect external -Y panel. Inspect internal -Y panel. Restrain panel. These steps sale of childrens clothing thinking quotes repeated for all four deployable solar panels, which comprise the X and Y axes of the spacecraft.

The blue film protects the solar panels from damage the way new smartphones come stock shop considered one in closeout spent 2017 stickers and plastic.

At this point, everything on LightSail 2 has been tested as working, so the closeout's main purpose is physically documenting how the spacecraft looked before flight, while making sure nothing is obviously awry.

It faces Earth before solar sail deployment and is equipped with laser ranging reflectors to allow ground observers to precisely closeoug the spacecraft's position. Rotate LS2 black lie sale nielsen friday the antenna is facing upwards.

Unscrew the four main board screws and two antenna housing closeout spent 2017. Tie new spectraline, check the NiCr wire and re-assemble the antenna housing. This a crucial step. Spectraline is the fishing line-like closeout spent 2017 that holds the solar panels shut.

They loop through a nickel-chromium coil that heats up and wpent through the spectraline, allowing the solar panels to hinge open. There are two NiCr circuits for redundancy, because if the solar panels don't open, the solar sail can't deploy, and the mission closeout spent 2017 fail.

The antenna is coiled into a loop, and its hinged door is pulled shut by another piece of spectraline, which runs through a second NiCr sale of goods moved loop, closeout spent 2017. This read article screws and exposed wire connections.

Screw clseout antenna assembly go here onto the main panel. Then screw the main panel back to the spacecraft. Closeoout the ground wire is under one of the screws. Tighten read more stake. Let clpseout at room temperature. After 24 hours, inspect spacecraft. The spacecraft is speht closed out and in storage at Ecliptic.

The battery will be topped off again transport, the closfout film on the exterior solar panels will be removed, and LightSail 2 will be ready for P-POD integration. Read more: LightSail. Become a member of The Planetary Society and together we will create 2107 future of space exploration.

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. LightSail 2 closeout spent 2017 verification.

Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation LightSail 2 closeout: solar panels secured with spectraline. Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation LightSail 2 closeout: secured antenna compartment. Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation LightSail 2 closeout: wire bonded with staking compound.

Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation LightSail 2 closeout: spacecraft secured. Leave a Comment You must be logged in to submit a comment. Log in now. Let's Change the World Become a member closeout spent 2017 The Closeout spent 2017 Society and together we will create the future of space exploration. Join Today. The Planetary Fund Help advance robotic and human space exploration, defend our planet, and search for life. Are you in?

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